Power-Pop Goodness

When Jackie Carol plays a show in Kansas City, it’s a good night if 50 people show up. The band’s stellar “formerly of” credentials (Casket Lottery, Koufax, the Believe It Or Nots) and watertight power-pop chops make it a hands-down torchbearer of the local scene, but that hardly means folks will forgo a new episode of Wife Swap and actually journey out to see the band play. We’re not here to make any snap judgments about the Ataris — who, despite breaking through to the mainstream with a cover of Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer,” appear to have earned their keep — but our ears tell us that Jackie Carol is every bit as deserving of screaming teenage minions. Tonight, decide for yourself when the homeboys with a girlish name open for the Ataris at the Grand Emporium (3832 Main, 816-531-7557).
Jackie Carol


“No Fiction” by Jackie Carol from Check, Check (Speak Music Media):

Mon., Sept. 10