Pork Songs

Let’s consider dance as an art form. Rating it on a scale from low to high art, with stripping at the low end and The Nutcracker at the top, where do has-been celebs in the ballroom fit? Never mind. The question is irrelevant to the fact that some bona fide awesome dancers spring forth from the stage at the Folly Theater (300 West 12th Street). Kicking off the Harriman-Jewell Series’ 46th season, Idaho’s Trey McIntyre Project blends pop and pure art, setting lithe bodies aloft to the sounds of Queen, Lou Reed, the Kronos Quartet, traditional Basque music and more. The group performs three works — Wild Sweet Love, Pork Songs and Arrantza — at 8 p.m. See hjseries.org or call
816-415-5025 for tickets, which start at $25.— Crystal K. Wiebe

Sat., Sept. 18, 8 p.m., 2010

Categories: Music