Poppy and PVRIS bring down The Truman with co-headlining tour

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Poppy takes the stage // Photo by Hayden Kalp

The Truman hosted co-headliners Poppy and PVRIS Wednesday night in an all out modern rock showcase. For the KC stop of their Godless Goddess tour, the acts were supported by Pom Pom Squad. A raw, unrehearsed four-piece with songs centered around angst and relationship struggles. After a good opening set, the audience patiently awaited the first of the headliners, PVRIS. 

With the stage adorned in greenery, PVRIS took the stage and instantly turned the dial to eleven. They electrified the audience with song after song, hardly giving them a chance to catch their breaths. Each song was tighter than the last, and it seemed like PVRIS would never run out of steam. and they didn’t. They hammered out twenty songs in just an hour and a half, leaving the audience jaw-dropped and begging for more. 

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PVRIS rocks the crowd during a breakdown // Photo by Hayden Kalp

Once PVRIS was done, the audience shifted. As their fans left, Poppy’s began to swarm. The “All the Things She Said” singer took the stage and got right into her first few songs. A more diverse artist, Poppy mixed heavy breakdowns with soft interludes, house songs with rapping and rock with drum and bass. Her diversity and range were on full display as poppy tore through her hour and a half set, engaging the audience with her commanding stage presence the entire time. 

Both PVRIS and Poppy could go from lounge-like singing and verses to hammering blood curdling screams and breakdowns with nonchalance. Easily two of the best bands on the road right now, they have to be seen to be fully appreciated.

The Godless Goddess tour wraps up on Sept. 15th. 

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Pom Pom Squad warming up crowd // Photo by Hayden Kalp

All photos by Anna Perry-Rushton

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