Poison the Well

Poison the Well loves corpses — in a non-necrophiliac kind of way. The group emblazons decomposing faces on its T-shirts and touts resurrected stiffs as life savers with the song title “Zombies Are Good for Your Health.” Like the Dawn of the Dead mall stalkers, Poison the Well’s songs plod with slow-chugging verses, then bite with choruses that sink into brains like the teeth of the undead. The Florida band underwent a fanbase transfusion in 2002, losing its hardcore-or-die following when it evolved from monochromatic heaviness to melodic hooks. Poison the Well emerges from a three-year recording hiatus this summer like a vengeful cadaver rising fingers-first from a tomb, and its set list could include unleaked in-progress tracks as well as some choice Smashing Pumpkins covers from compilations.

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