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We’re here to tell authentic, local stories. The Pitch Podcast Network is a curated network of community-focused Kansas City podcasts.

Streetwise For Podcast


A podcast from The Pitch Kansas City, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Brock Wilbur, covering Kansas City’s best and worst and all points in between. Pitch in and we’ll get through it.

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KC Top 5

Patrick Moore and a panel of guests break down a weekly set of their top choices for what KC has to offer—from food, to entertainment, to people, to smells. Tune in every week!

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KC Morning Show

Voted KC’s Best Local Podcast. A lighthearted take on Kansas City news, events, sports and more. Hosted by Hartzell and Kitty. If it’s happening in KC, we talk about it.

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Downtown Dish

Your weekly scoop on dining, drinks & retail in downtown Kansas City. Hosted by Katy Ryan Schamberger.

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Ope! Radio

Finding new music can be hard! Join local music superfan Ben Wendt as he explores the Kansas City music scene and attempts to add context to local acts for new listeners. Your new favorite band might be playing down the street this week for ten bucks…you just need to discover them first!

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Missouri Loves Company

Vivian Kane and Brock Wilbur navigate a new state and a new state of mind after moving from LA to Kansas City in pursuit of… a lot of things. Cool people doing cool things come to talk and we all find the happiness we deserve (or at least get some drinks in us.)

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Trading Fours

Trading Fours is a music podcast that focuses on musicians in Kansas City and around the world. Your host is Jamie Green. Jamie is a guitarist who plays with the 90’s band Thunder Jacket. He also is involved in other projects, and his undergraduate degree is in broadcast journalism. Trading Fours averages new episodes a month

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Urban Alchemy

Kansas City’s top show for the promotion social, cultural, and economic advancement within the urban core. We deliver honest, fair, and well rounded discussion on the topics impacting the black community. Monday Media Reviews/ Wednesday Interviews/ Friday Relationship Talks.

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Keep Them Coming With Open the Doors Coaching

Your weekly dose of relationship and sex talk. Hosted by Kristen Thomas, a Relationship, Dating, and Sex Coach living in the Midwest, who will take a look at love, lust, and everything in between. You’ll hear personal stories from her and her guests about steamy sex, broken hearts, BDSM, and so much more. Listener discretion advised (18+).

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Frank and Beans

A sex and relationship podcast with Beth and Brian

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