Podcast: “The Beat Bee Sessions”

Jim Mahfood is well-known around these parts. He went to the Kansas City Art Institute, and during his time there, he started his Grrl Scouts comics (then known as Girl Scouts), as well as doing some time with Flavorpak and the paper whence comes this blog.

A brief aside: Mafood did the cover for the “Best In Music” issue one year (’97 or ’98), and it hung on the wall of three different dorm rooms, and then died a terrible death from a water spill. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite illustration pieces ever.

Mahfood’s early comics were notable for the fact that each one featured recommended listening, and musical details stuck in here and there. The Generation X Underground Special has Jubilee rocking Fishbone, for instance. There are so many damn good musicians this man has turned me onto, I can’t even begin to count.

Let him do the same for you, by aiming your favorite podcast listening device to “The Beat Bee Sessions.” Mahfood, as Food One, teams up with Miss Jane Dope to bring you the best in funk, dance, and hip-hop every couple of weeks. It’s like having a really awesome dance night in your living room. If you’re a fan of folks like Cyrus D, you need this.

Download the Beat Bee Sessions Volume 3 or drop this link into your RSS reader to subscribe to the podcast.

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