Podcast: “Tell ‘Em Steve Dave!”

If Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier‘s weekly SModcast wasn’t enough to give you your View Askew fix, you now have a little something extra to drop in your earholes.

Called “Tell ‘Em Steve Dave!“, it’s billed as the “Laverne & Shirley of podcasts.” “Tell ‘Em Steve Dave!” features Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson, also known as the bickering fanboys found within the pages of Smith’s various Clerks-related comics, films, and television programs.

One of the best SModcasts featured Johnson telling a story about how he ended up sleeping with the mother of one of his girlfriends. Entitled “For Today’s Elegant Man,” it’s hilarious, and if you’ve heard it, you know what you’re in for.

Download the first episode here, and check out the website for an iTunes link sometime in the next few days.

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