Podcast: “Shout Bamalama!”

First of all, if you love rock ‘n’ roll in its raw form, you should already be hip to the GaragePunk Podcast Network. The network features a wide variety of badass programming, such as Japanese rock ‘n’ roll on “Mushi Mushi,” the horror of “Haunted Shack Theater,” and the screaming savagery of “Shout Bamalama!”

Shout Bamalama!” is the newest addition to GaragePunk, and since the most recent episode just hit yesterday, it seemed to be a good idea to introduce you all to the rave-ups presented by your host, Count Brockula. The show focuses on fast fast fast rock ‘n’ roll from the ’50s to modern day, hitting on garage, punk, soul, and everything in between.

The most recent episode, “the Bamalama Records Rhythm & Blues Revue” will rock your speakers six ways from Sunday. Considering the show takes its name from an early Otis Redding side (recorded back when he was with the Pinetoppers, and probably one of the rawest takes ever put to wax), it makes sense that Brockula’d hit the early roots eventually. It started my workday off with a bang, and hopefully it’ll take your day out with one.

Download Shout Bamalama’s “Rhythm & Blues Revue” or drop this link into your RSS reader to subscribe to the podcast.

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