Plugging my hair into the Power & Light District’s new salon, Posh KC Blow Dry Bar

Your hair is probably better than my hair.

For years, I bleached the life out of my locks, giving hollow reply to well-meaning hairstylists who called my natural shade of blond “dirty” or “dishwater” or (worst of all) “mousy.”

Today I’m older and … let’s not say wiser but agree, instead, that I’m more practical. Which means I have given up bottle-based quick fixes and am learning to love what nature gave me. Or at least to live with it. While my split ends grow out, I’m left with fine, frizzy, damaged hair that probably resembles a handful of straw under a 

I’m trying to be patient. But every once in a while, I just want my hair to look good.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to attend a preopening event at Posh KC Blow Dry Bar, a new salon in the Power & Light District. If these stylists could make my hair look good, I figured that they can make anyone’s hair look good.

My poor stylist would face an extra degree of difficulty: Two months out from my last trim, my hair had started doing that weird “mullet” thing in the back. (Anyone who has short hair knows what I’m talking about.) The game was definitely on.

When my friend Tina and I arrived at Posh, we noted that the place, though it felt small, was sleek and fancy. Large, white, geometric lights hung from the ceiling, and pictures on the walls encouraged celebratory intoxication: “Save water. Drink champagne,” read one decorative directive. Naturally, everyone present had flawless hair and makeup.

Feeling suddenly apprehensive about the bird’s nest on my head, I encouraged Tina to get styled first. The salon’s list of services contained several options, from buns and braids to ponytails and curls. Then, of course, there was the blowout, apparently intended to add volume and make your hair appear shiny and smooth. For the sake of time, however, Posh wasn’t offering this service at the party I attended.

I decided to have them tease my hair and make it Jersey Shore big. Tina, who already has shiny, smooth hair, opted for gentle, flowing curls.

Stylist Christopher De Sayegh, who owns Phoenix Hair and Art Studios in Olathe, got to work on Tina’s hair with the curling iron. I grabbed some of the hors d’oeuvres (provided by Cleaver & Cork) and chatted with Posh co-owner Kelly Ragsdale about the salon’s makeup: an all-natural, mineral-based line by Jane Iredale. It’s the kind of stuff I’d feel comfortable smearing all over my face and eyelids, and it comes in toylike sliding and stackable packages.

Concerned that my party bite had left cilantro in my teeth, I retreated to where Chris had finished Tina’s do. I saw that soft waves now brushed her shoulders. Impressive. But now it was my turn. I took Tina’s place — and began apologizing for the state of my hair.

“I love your hair,” De Sayegh said, and I don’t think he was lying. “Can I just have fun with this?”

Abandoning my big-hair ambitions, I told him to do it his way. He spritzed my head with dry shampoo, picked up a small-barreled curling iron and began twisting my hair into tiny ringlets. His enthusiasm was contagious. He told me that he considers himself an artist and looks forward to opportunities to be creative with hair. Working at Posh, he told me, gives him the chance to do that.

“I like mohawks and mullets,” he said, when I asked him about his favorite hairstyles. I’m pretty sure he was kidding. “I’m the good kind of crazy,” he added.

He turned my chair and started on the back of my hair, the part that had recently grown out of control. My hair is like the weeds in my front yard: One day, they’re barely peeking from between the cracks in the sidewalk; the next morning, they essentially have tentacles.

Somehow De Sayegh managed to tame the chaos. After about 15 minutes in his chair, I had a headful of bouncy curls that looked neither too girlish nor too cutesy. My hair was ready to go out and have fun — even if I was heading home to the couch and Netflix.

I compromised by making a special stop at the Roasterie to show off my new do. Even if my hair would be frizzy again by morning, for a short while, it did look good.

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