Plastic surgeon Federico Gonzalez will fix your fugly vagina

Dr. Federico Gonzalez thinks pop culture has given plastic surgery a bad rap.

If he’d attended the 43rd annual conference of the American Society for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, which took place in Washington, D.C., last month, Gonzalez probably would have found scores of fellow surgeons who’d agree. (Gonzalez says he’ll likely attend in 2011.)

Judging by the conference itinerary, which promised presentations of  innovative technologies and techniques, it’s very likely that the topic of vaginal rejuvenation was discussed. The phenomenon of women cosmetically altering their genitalia has become the subject of debate (particularly on blogs devoted to female readers) since the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published a 2007 position statement warning women against cosmetic surgery of the vagina.

Gonzalez is one of the rare plastic surgeons in the area to specialize in female genital plastic surgery. For the past 15 years, he says, he’s performed procedures like labiaplasty (usually done to reduce the size of the inner labia), clitoral unhooding (removal of excess tissue covering the clitoral area) and the “G-spot shot” (to increase the sensitivity of the G-spot during sex).

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