Plant Parents, get hype: Verdant is now open for business

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Storefront of Verdant. // Courtesy Verdant

Local Kansas City ceramic company, Convivial, announced the opening of Verdant, their first retail store in the Kansas City crossroads area. Convivial is a Design and manufacturing company that sells ceramics, tables, plants, and much more. Since 2014 Convivial began with just one woman in her garage making pottery.

Owner Chantel Shannon decided it was time to branch out.

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Verdant Products

The store’s goal is for you to be at peace when you walk in and take your time browsing their products to appreciate. Within Verdant’s aesthetically pleasing building is an array of products from their online shop, with their main selling points being their greeting card program, their floral program, and their ceramic planters and vases.

Convivial created their greeting card program at Verdant to get people back into writing handwritten notes for their loved ones. A spokesperson for the store had this to say about their greeting card programs: 

“We’ve designed a full greeting card line, have restored the old YJ’s benches as a place for guests to sit and write their cards in-store, and have postage and a mailbox in the shop for one-stop mailing. We want our guests to linger, model, and find joy in creating a routine of slowing down and sharing thoughtfulness through writing again.” 

They also offer a floral program where you can get deals on bundles of locally grown flowers that will lighten up any room. They will be selling bundles of flowers and other plants for the low price of $3.50 a bundle.

When it comes to finding beautiful plants in the city, this is the one-stop-shop for any plant lover who wants to fill their homes with art and greenery. Their products are all homemade and made with love. Any ceramic fanatic or plant parent should go check out Verdant faster than you can say chrysanthemum.

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