Plant Food gives you an Ecstasy-like high … yawn

Somewhere between synthetic marijuana and cocainelike bath salts, we’ve lost our way people. The “newest high,” according to Fox 4, is Plant Food, which supposedly gives an Ecstasy-like high. Can’t you just find a real Ecstasy dealer? Yeah, it’s legal, but do you know what this shit is doing to do to your body? I have no idea, and I’m not about to find out — although, maybe some of my co-workers will be nice enough to play guinea pigs for the third time (see here, here and here).

Fox 4 spoke with a woman who said a family member ignored the “not for human consumption” sticker — really, who are we kidding? we know no one is following the label warning — and downed some Plant Food. The results, she said, were “just frightening.” How frightening? Not sure. The story didn’t go into detail, so we’re left to guess. I bet it was somewhere between morphing into a flylike creature and rampaging through Johnson County and ending up on Diaper Time dressed like a baby and dancing to shitty techno music. 

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