PJ Masks is at SEA LIFE, so we sent our photographer and his PJ Masks-loving kid to check it out

Photo by Joe Carey

The heroes of PJ Masks have landed at SEA LIFE. For those of you without kids, that’s the animated Disney Channel show about a team of three kid-superheroes who fight crime at night. It’s cute. It’s wholesome. It’s being watched by basically anyone under the age of 9. And through March 29, those super heroes are creating adventures for kids across the aquarium.

We sent one of our photographers, Joe Carey, along with his two sons (both avid-watchers of the aforementioned show) to meet the characters, try out some of the adventures available, and report back with photos. Get your fill of cuteness watching these kids discover in the photos below. (We hear the touch-pool is a must-see).



PJ Masks at SEA LIFE

Through March 29


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