Pitch Ultra Music Festival DJ Competition

After several intense days of getting drunk on cheap wine and electronic music, we at the Pitch have chosen which five DJs will compete in our Ultra Music Festival DJ Competition. We received 24 submissions, and narrowing the field was a difficult process. But even God is bound by rules. The finalists are, in random order: DJ SVS (Michael Thomas, pictured), DJ Kinky (Luis Gonzales), DJ PDP (Patrick Kelley), Aether (Aaron Silber) and one-half of the DJ duo the Control Freeks, who were informed that only one of them could compete and that we would tie the other one up and place him in the custody of a mujahedeen with orders to shoot him if he tries to send any sort of signal to his partner during the contest. Each of these contestants will perform a 30-minute set of his own crafting on two turntables on Friday, February 24, at Jilly’s. At that over-rockin’ dance party, a team of judges will choose the single DJ whom the Pitch will fly to Miami to perform at the Ultra Music Festival at the Winter Music Conference on March 24. Thanks again to all who entered — we’re keeping your mixes and sharing them with our friends.

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