The cyclical nature of pop culture is a damn scary thing. Just a year ago, it seemed that nothing could be more crass and dumb than Kid Rock’s Devil Without a Cause. But Pimpadelic, the latest entry in the rap-and-roll contest, seems intent on challenging that notion. At least the Kid had a sense of humor and a few infectious hooks. All Pimpadelic offers is Southern rock that doesn’t boogie, metal that wouldn’t scare an ‘N Sync fan, and witless rhyme schemes that make the Bloodhound Gang look like the Wu-Tang Clan. Even more annoying is that these ugly, charmless Texas guys spend the entire album boasting that they are popular with the women. Typical lyric: While we drop the shit now ladies/Drop your drawers tonight/And if you don’t want to show pussy/Tits’ll be alright. Gosh, too bad these chivalrous chaps weren’t around to take part in Woodstock. What’s frightening about Southern Devils is not that it redeems Kid Rock but that it makes one wonder how bad the next manufactured rap-rock band will have to be to redeem Pimpadelic.

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