Photos: ZoSo – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience at Knuckleheads

Photo Oct 28 2022 9 17 11 Pm

ZoSo. // photo by Allison Scavo

ZoSo – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience
Thursday, October 27

There are cover bands, and then there are bands that pay tribute by presenting an authentic experience akin to that of the band they are covering. ZoSo, one of the longest-running Led Zeppelin tribute bands, is also one of the hardest-working bands today in that they tour more days of the year than they don’t. To begin to attempt to sound more like Led Zeppelin, ZoSo had a chance to sit down with members of Led Zeppelin and study their voices in order to mimic each individual of the band.

I had the chance to talk with Zoso’s guitarist, James Rotondi. He was once a reporter and had the opportunity to interview Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page. James repeatedly listened back to the recording of the Page interview and practiced mimicking his voice until he perfected it. When asked about his experience as a new member of ZoSo, James told me that while they play the songs of Led Zeppelin, they also make it their own.

In comparison to other sister bands that share original members of other legendary bands, I would agree that ZoSo is an original band that happens to play Led Zeppelin songs. Without depriving audience members of the classic experience of a Led Zeppelin show, ZoSo do not hold back from exhibiting their own talents.

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