Photos: Unearth proved that with age comes skill at the Bottleneck

Support for the headliners provided by Upon A Burning Body, 156/Silence, and Dreams in Peril.
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Unearth. // photo by Nick Spacek

with Upon A Burning Body, 156/Silence, and Dreams in Peril
The Bottleneck
Tuesday, May 16

Touring in support of their new album, The Wretched; The Ruinous, released just a little over a week and a half prior via Century Media, Boston metalcore outfit Unearth headlined the Bottleneck Tuesday night to a small but mighty crowd.

While it seemed as though the majority of folks in the crowd had come out to catch the openers Upon A Burning Body—going absolutely berserk for the San Antonio band—the crowd that stuck around for Unearth’s set were treated to a masterclass in how a band can keep knocking out this music 25 years on.

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Upon A Burning Body. // photo by Nick Spacek

While Upon A Burning Body might’ve had the more energetic set, with the band members using short risers on stage to be able to step up and be seen above the crowd, Unearth’s time on stage was tighter and more focused.

The openers might’ve been able to go harder, moving about the stage like they’d gunned several energy drinks each before their set, but the headliners didn’t use a darkened stage and mood music to pause every five or six songs. Instead, they knocked out song after song after song, never once straying from their goal of blowing back the hair of every metalhead in attendance.

Due to previous commitments and an early start time for the show, we had to miss all of Kansas City’s Dreams in Peril and weren’t able to get any shots of Portland’s 156/Silence, although we did get to catch the majority of the latter’s set, which was effectively and energetically pummeling.

All photos by Nick Spacek


Unearth setlist
My Will Be Done
This Lying World
Sanctity of Brothers
The Wretched; The Ruinous
Dawn of the Militant
This Glorious Nightmare
Zombie Autopilot
Mother Betrayal
My Heart Bleeds No Longer
The Great Dividers
Black Hearts Now Reign

Upon A Burning Body

Upon A Burning Body setlist
Texas Blood Money
Sin City
All Pride No Pain
A New Responsibility
King of Diamonds

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