Photos: The National at Grinders

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Fans of The National were treated to an intimate show at Grinders on Tuesday, an interesting venue for a band that has commanded the Starlight stage during their last few tours.

Even singer Matt Berninger couldn’t help but comment on the crowd’s energy, remarking that they had been playing Red Rocks on Monday, but despite its incredible views, being at Grinders was a welcome change. 

Anyone who arrived early enough to catch Indigo Sparke seemed mesmerized by her stand-out vocals and soft, lilting Australian accent. Her new album releases on October 7th, a project that The National’s Aaron Dessner took on and happily promoted on stage. Dessner is best known for his work with powerhouses like Taylor Swift and Sharon Van Etten. Sparke’s range and songwriting certainly fitted the bill. With just two other band members on stage and guest vocals by tour manager/musician Jacquelyn West, she commanded the stage.

Following Sparke’s exit from the stage, the audience pushed in closer anticipation of the headlining act. The moment The National stepped out, they had everyone’s attention. There was a special connection between Berninger and the crowd as he crooned, leaning over the very edge of the stage as fans reached their arms forward and snapped photos. Aaron and Bryce Dessner easily kept up with Berninger from either side, switching between various guitars and the piano whenever called for.

Easily the night’s highlight was Berninger jumping down into the crowd, making his way through the audience during the encore performance of ‘Terrible Love.’ Anyone in attendance ended up with a front row seat.


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