Photos: Hole Fest 2023 highlights the best of Lawrence DIY

Nasty Vommit 1

Nästy Vömmit at Hole Fest. // Photo by Maura Dayton

Hole Fest
The Shire
September 8-9, 2023

This past Friday and Saturday, the Lawrence DIY scene headed out to the Shire for the second annual Hole Fest, organized by the people behind the Hobbit Hole DIY venue. The lineup included 45 bands between the festival’s two nights, featuring local talent from Lawrence and KC. Headliners included Sarin Reaper, God’s Computer, Miles Luce & the Cowtippers, Blanky, and Drastic Plastic. Along with the musical acts, participating artists and vendors included Twist of Taste, Crittir Clothing, and Hexk Illustration, who screen-printed “Hole Fest 2023” shirts on site for the event. Each night of the festival ended with a bonfire under the stars.

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