Photos: Chicago kicks off Memorial Day weekend at Starlight

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Friday, May 26

This past Friday night, Kansas City was graced by not only perfect weather for an outdoor concert, but with the fantastic sounds Chicago as the 10-piece band brought a nearly 3-hour concert to Starlight Theater. The band, who played with no opener, preformed two different sets, plus an encore that left the jam-packed Theater attendees on their feet wanting more by the time the final note of 25 or 6 to 4 ended.

Chicago, still having three of the original members still in it, and being together since 1967 (going by the name of the Chicago Transit Authority) thanked the fan throughout the show, saying that they were happy that their fans accepted a rock/pop band with horns all those years ago so that they could be where they are now.

The band played some of their biggest hits, including “If You Leave Me Now,” “You’re The Inspiration,” “Hard to Say I’m Sorry/Get Away,” “Saturday in the Park,” “Free,” and “25 or 6 to 4” during the show that started right at 7 p.m. and had a 20-minute intermission between sets (that was announced to the crowd).

One last amazing part of the show was the video board that was behind the band and on the entire time that they played. Images that would have been considered part of the “flower power” movement mixed with clips from the band’s music videos, and the famous “Chicago” logo would appear in a fluid movement from one to another, and sometimes in a combo of two of them.

All photos by Chris Ortiz (Instagram: @fastboyent).

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