Photos: Ben Folds at Liberty Hall

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Ben Folds at Liberty Hall, April 6, 2022. // Photo by Chris Ortiz

Ben Folds
with Lizzie Weber
Liberty Hall
Wednesday, April 6

On Wednesday night, Ben Folds took to the stage of Liberty Hall with his piano to deliver an hour and a half set of tunes covering his entire catalog, including songs stretching back to his time with Ben Folds Five. Singer-songwriter Lizzie Weber opened.

Our photographer Chris Ortiz (Insta: @fastboyent) was there to document it all.

Ben Folds

Ben Folds setlist
So There
Annie Waits
Capable of Anything
Sentimental Guy
Still Fighting It
The Last Polka (Ben Folds Five song)
Kylie From Connecticut
Evaporated (Ben Folds Five song)
You Don’t Know Me
Cigarette (Ben Folds Five song)
Fred Jones Part 2
Kate (Ben Folds Five song)
Zak and Sara
Not the Same
Army (Ben Folds Five song)

One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (Ben Folds Five song)
The Luckiest

Lizzie Weber

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