Photos: An evening of brutality with Cannibal Corpse and Dark Funeral at the Granada

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Cannibal Corpse. // Photo by Chris Ortiz

Cannibal Corpse
with Dark Funeral
The Granada
Saturday, December 3

Wondering how popular metal remains in the Midwest? You need look no further than Saturday’s show at the Granada. The line for Cannibal Corpse with Dark Funeral stretched from the venue doors at the Granada all the way to the corner of Mass and 11th in LFK, and stayed that long for more than an hour after the doors had opened.

Folks wanted to see these bands in a really bad way, and who can blame them? You have the death metal of headliners Cannibal Corpse and Immolation, along with the seasonally-appropriate black metal of Black Anvil and Dark Funeral coming together on a Saturday night. There’s really no more perfect bill for fans of the two subgenres, and the fact that once the show kicked off, the whole venue was basically asses-to-elbows until the final notes of “Hammer Smashed Face” is a testament to that.

Despite the intense band volume and guttural vocal roar from every act on the bill, it was as clean a sound as I’ve heard at the Granada for a show of this ferocity. However, there were a slew of tall dudes, and thanks to the capacity crowd, unless you could shoulder your way to the front, you were maybe seeing the occasional flash of a raised guitar or whipping hair from the bands and that was it. However, if you wanted to hang out with about 900 like-minded individuals, slam some beers, and listen to some absolute metal classics, it was a great time.

All photos by Chris Ortiz (Instagram: @fastboyent).

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse setlist
Scourge of Iron
The Time to Kill Is Now
Inhumane Harvest
Code of the Slashers
Fucked With a Knife
The Wretched Spawn
Kill or Become
I Cum Blood
Evisceration Plague
Death Walking Terror
Condemnation Contagion
Necrogenic Resurrection
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Devoured by Vermin
A Skull Full of Maggots
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
Hammer Smashed Face

Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral setlist
Unchain My Soul
Hail Murder
My Funeral
The Secrets of the Black Arts
Open the Gates
When I’m Gone
Nail Them to the Cross
Let the Devil In
Where Shadows Forever Reign

The crowd

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