Phony Jam II


In Kansas City metal, the lines between bands blur, making the scene seem less like a collection of individual groups and more like an extended family. These guys attend each other’s shows, root for each other at ostensible competitions, and address each other with mysterious terms of endearment such as phony. Now, these supertight siblings consummate their inevitable march toward incest with Phony Jam II, at which local luminaries cover entire sets from other area acts. In this lethal lottery, Audio Kombat Arsenal plays Equinox, Everbody’s X (pictured) apes Restraint, and five other paired combinations take turns trying on each other’s musical wares. In the freestyle-cover component of the program, spontaneous supergroups that mix and match members from proper rosters impersonate Deftones, Iron Maiden, Pantera and others. And for the odd fan who craves originality, at least thirteen groups, including organizing outfit Boomstick, will showcase their own material with brief solo sets.

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