Four-Year Anniversary Party Four-Year

Anniversary Party It’s hard to believe that Todd Comer’s is only four years old. It seems like Comer has been documenting the dance-music scene for years, giving constant boosts to KC’s best DJs, bringing in world-class acts and providing the region’s electronic-music fans with the Midwest’s best events calendar, plus scoops on beat mechanics nationwide. And don’t forget the bazillions of online photo albums that Comer and company have filled over the years with snapshots from the scene. If you haven’t seen a picture of yourself caught in the midst of some hot boogie action, now’s the perfect time. Because for the big bash, Phocas brings London-born, Los Angeles-bred DJ Black Liquid, who has cooked up for the party an exhausting three-hour, commemorative mix that’s sure to be delicious. Those who haven’t braved the house-music turf in a while (and that’s who really should go) don’t have to be able to dance like a noodle-limbed rave kid. But be sure to don only your finest duds — chances are you’ll be captured at some point by Comer’s all-seeing lens.

— Jason Harper

DJ Black Liquid, with DJ Ataxxic and DJ Manders. Saturday, December 10, at Kabal.

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