Peyton Manning is totally annoyed about Jamaal Charles autograph controversy

Everybody’s favorite story from last Sunday – that Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles asked for Denver quarterback Peyton Manning’s autograph – took another slight turn today. Manning told USA Today that swapping signatures among opponents is nothing new.

“You sign for somebody’s brother or mother or a fan – that’s what you do,” Manning told the paper. “Players constantly are trading. You’re signing for teammates, and everybody’s got a high school auction or something. That’s part of the deal.”

That’s a reasonable take on what has become a strangely popular and polarizing debate. Was Charles pathetic and starstruck? Or was it no big deal? The Internet has been arguing about it since the video was put up. Now Manning is putting the blame for the nonstory blowing up on the KCTV Channel 5 cameraman who filmed the signature hand-off.

“I don’t even know why that cameraman was in that zone.That was kind of annoying,” he told USA Today. Yeah, it’s always annoying when people do their jobs.

H/T: Bottomline Communications

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