Perez Hilton Presents Surprisingly Good Music

Celebrity blogger turned trainwreck of a celebrity himself Perez Hilton has the Perez Hilton Presents tour coming through Kansas City and hitting the Beaumont on September 23 with co-headliners Ladyhawke and Ida Maria, who rocked the Granada this past weekend and the Beaumont back in June.

Now, both of these acts are pretty stellar, and it’s nice to see female-fronted acts that don’t trade in sex-kitten poses, instead showing that women can be strong without being total ho-bags. But, seriously — Perez Hilton as a tastemaker? The celebrity backlash against him has already started, and as Idolator nicely put it, “attaching yourself to Perez Hilton at this point in time —- post slur, post-outing of his ghostwriters, post-maybe people realizing that he’s just a horrible person who needs to slither back into F-list obscurity ASAP — just seems like a bad idea.”

That’s not to say that this won’t be a good show. It, in fact, will be the sort of show where you can safely shake your ass and rock out simultaneously, all the while listening to some great rock acts that take you back to acts like the Go-Gos, Heart, the Pretenders and Blondie. Be warned, however: with Hilton’s name attached to this, the annoying sort of people who normally keep themselves confined to shitty martini bars will invade the rock show and make you wish Sex & the City had never aired.

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