Peanut Butter Wolf

Stones Throw 101 marks a milestone in Chris Manak’s built-to scratch career as Peanut Butter Wolf. Conceived at a time when Dre, Snoop and Tupac seemed to have the left coast on lockdown, Manak’s Stones Throw Records has become a veritable halfway house for up-and-coming DJs, MCs and ’70s funk recidivists. “I started out as a response to a lot of the major-label hip-hop at the time,” Manak tells the Pitch. “To me, it’s what my understanding of hip-hop has always been — playing a lot of different styles of music.” And even though his flair for out-of-the-ordinary breaks and beats has eluded the MTV generation for over a decade, this San Jose, California, mainstay has earned colossal kudos from colleagues and enthusiasts alike for funk-laden breaks and groove-friendly obscurities.

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