Patty Larkin


Everyone loves Patty Larkin. Except maybe you. Who the hell is she, you wonder? Ask Michael Stipe. He gave Larkin a shout on R.E.M.’s “Star 69.” Or check with Cher, Holly Cole or any of the numerous artists who have covered Larkin tunes. You can also find Larkin’s alt-folk creations in Harrison Ford and Julianne Moore movies. Hell, the city of Boston once celebrated “Patty Larkin Appreciation Day.” So where in tarnation have you been? Larkin is one of the few female singer-songwriters who gets as many props for her guitar playing as she does for her evocative singing. Larkin’s popular 2000 effort, Regrooving the Dream, brought her national attention and renewed interest, and her diverse tenth album, Red = Luck, stirred an avalanche of accolades. Larkin’s low-key career strategy includes performing at small venues in off-the-beaten-path towns that aren’t privy to scads of national touring acts. Clearly, logging miles on the road less traveled is working for Larkin, who has gigs booked into 2005.

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