Passion Pit

Passion Pit’s cloying euphoria clings to listeners like glittering hot-pink afterbirth. Michael Angelakos’ one-man project — fleshed out by four other band members — shares a name with a trashy ’80s skinflick, and its dance rock is even more effective at making palms sweat and hearts pound. Passion Pit’s debut, Chunk of Change, originally conceived as a valentine to Angelakos’ lady friend, is the sound of blushing jubilation. The more recent Manners is even more blissful. Angelakos’ exuberant pop suggests what Ben Gibbard’s weepy Postal Service would sound like if you slipped it some Ecstasy and took it to a neon-splattered rave. Soaring strings and sparkling electro embellishments make a glorious first-kiss soundtrack, but Passion Pit’s jams are also the sound of a well-spent night on the town, and the afterglow feels like daybreak without the hangover.

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