Paper Bird, Akkilles and Olassa are at RecordBar tonight

Featuring a trumpet, upright bass, banjo, guitar and drums, Denver’s Paper Bird is a seven-piece force of nature. The baroque chamber-pop band, fronted by harmonizing sisters Genny and Esme Patterson, blends driving rhythms with a complicated host of different influences.

The band’s recent Rooms LP showcases them all: One minute, it sounds soulful and sweet; the next, the members are leading a folk-inspired ho-down. Imagine what the Lumineers would sound like if they weren’t annoying.

Balancing out the bill for the evening is local singer-songwriter David Bennett, a.k.a. Akkilles. His August-released full-length album Something You’d Say hopscotches between hyphenated indie genres, filling space on the album with moody guitar chords and allowing his delicate, echoing vocals to bleed into the reverb. Lawrence’s Olassa kicks off the night. 

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