Paint by Numbers

Art of the deal: In response to Theresa Bembnister’s “Sold!” (December 4), I would just like to state that I am a second-semester junior in the painting department at the Kansas City Art Institute, and I can safely say there is nothing unappealing about the painting department’s show/sale. Sorry if we don’t all make $20 mugs, but as a former student of this fine institution, Bembnister should understand this.

Christopher V. Mazeika

Kansas City, Missouri

Prairie Fire

Dogged: Regarding Nathan Dinsdale’s “Season’s Gratings” (Prairie Dogg, December 4): See, most unintelligible hip-hop pimps would probably come down to the Pitch and want to “discuss” his kind words. Not me, Nathan — I appreciate your shout out (reference to the Soul Servers) in the Pitch.

Just so he knows, we don’t blame him for the best beef award, but as an intelligent individual, he must recognize that it is truly an unfortunate step backward for an already stagnant hip-hop community. But I digress. Thanks again for the shout out, and I will stay in his ear so he can decide if we need to be dismembered or not. We gonna be good friends.

P.S. You get a bad rap sometimes, kind of like hip-hop, huh? You are still pretty ruthless, kind of like how I got to be to get the city to pay attention.

Los Cauz

Kansas City, Missouri

Wes Side Story

His name is Mudd: Good God Almighty. No wonder not a lot of people like Wes Scantlin (Nathan Dinsdale’s “Prodigal Son,” December 4). Excuse me, but does he want a whine burger with those French cries? What a pansy!

This guy is just like all those other pothead kids, except he made it famous and shit on people along the way! He’s not even thankful for his success! What a prick! Hopefully, karma will come around and kick his ass, and he’ll end up on a really good Behind the Music. I feel sorry for him now, just because he’s such a lame ass!

Name Withheld Upon Request

Wes is more: I want to say a big thanks for one of the best-written articles on Puddle of Mudd I have read in a very long time. I am a die-hard fan and read most of what comes across the Web on them. Most of what I have read is biased and an unfair judgment of character, mostly regarding Wes.

Though I know a previous writer at the Pitch was not always glowing in what he had to say, it’s very refreshing to see a new opinion that sheds some positive light on this band. It has been a very hard road for all of the members — long before they became a band — and I look forward to keeping up with Dinsdale’s coverage.

I am not fond of the Star‘s past coverage and just this week contacted that writer. Thanks again for a great article, and I loved the review of their new CD. I don’t expect everyone to like them, but a fair and informed assessment is all one could ever ask for.

Karen Logan

Moss Point, Mississippi

Mudd fight: OK, two things are bothering me. The whole Scantlin-as-Christ image irks me, and not for any religious reasons. Aesthetically, it works, but philosophically, I’m always against someone using crucifixion imagery to say, essentially, “poor, poor pitiful me.” Especially if they’re richer than God! I’ve not listened to his band, so I wasn’t aware of the soap opera in his rise to fame and, well, I still don’t care. Scantlin seems fairly vacant, and that alone would qualify him as no less or more than any other KC musician, struggling or otherwise. Does a guy who uses the phrases dude and super merit being depicted as someone suffering for his … um, what is he suffering for again? And did he pay back his mom? She gives better copy than he does, so he ought to pay her for something.

Second is a small thing: Nathan, we will all be “worm food” one day, and to say so of June Carter Cash is really snot-nosed (“Season’s Gratings,” December 4). It ain’t cool. Show your respect (and wipe your nose).

Melina Neet

Kansas City, Missouri

Puddle jumper: I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to open the music section and not have to read Andrew Miller’s weekly updates on the same four bands that haven’t played “around here” in five years. Last week’s story on Wes was the closest version I’ve seen on the way things actually went down.

When the biggest label in the world calls and says they only want you, YOU GO! Anyone in the myriad of crappy bands in this town that say they would do any different is full of shit. As far as Kansas City not getting any “props,” I hate to break it to everyone, but all the labels did come here, and they didn’t like anything they saw. Just because your band can play ten songs and someone from here made it big doesn’t mean you deserve a record deal. Yeah, Wes is rich and famous now. He has also spent the last three years busting his ass all over the world and missing out on a lot of his kid’s life. I’m glad Jimmy was fairly compensated for the great songs they wrote. I always liked Sean and Kenny, and it’s a shame they didn’t profit like Jimmy and Wes, but unless you write music or lyrics, that’s kind of the way it goes.

There is so much other drama that goes with the Puddle of Mudd/Wes story that it’s a whole other Oprah. Am I envious? Hell, yes! But I’m not a hater. I’ve always been pulling for him since the day he left for L.A. Now throw me a bone, damnit!

Curtis Anderson

Kansas City, Missouri