Local alt-rock trio Overstep embraces all the requisite ingredients of the “Kansas City sound”: jagged guitar phrases, hiccuping backbeats, roving bass lines and a singer who wouldn’t know the meaning of nuance if he had a dictionary. Guitarist and vocalist Adam Stotts’ angular six-string passages can’t begin to compensate for his pained yowling. Alex Organ is an overactive drummer, filling every available second with enough rolls to stock a Roman Meal factory. And several tracks are almost indistinguishable from one another, making this seven-song, 24-minute effort feel like a long, nightmarish jam session.

Overstep seems to be trying to fill the void that was created when Shiner split up, but Do You Copy? sounds like the million or so forgettable Shiner wanna-bes who’ve already faded into obscurity. The question posed by the EP’s title seems rhetorical, but perhaps Overstep should have added an obvious answer: Yes, we do.

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