Overland Park man Zachary Self sentenced to 84 days in jail for stalking Lana Del Rey

You might have read yesterday, on TMZ or Buzzfeed, about the Overland Park guy who stalked “Video Games” singer Lana Del Rey. On December 1, 19-year-old Zachary Self was arrested following a November break-in at Del Rey’s Malibu home. 

Self was on “hallucinogenic drugs” during the break-in, which may explain his super-creepy professions of love for the singer. (His Facebook page claimed he was “#Engaged to Heaven on Earth #with @LanaDelRey.”)

Yesterday, after Self pleaded no contest to two felony charges of stalking and first-degree burglary, he was sentenced to 84 days in jail. After serving his sentence, Self will be placed on a five-year probation and is subject to a 10-year protective ban of Lana Del Rey.

Here are some other things about this story:

— Cops didn’t apprehend Self at Del Rey’s home because he fled, but they did find an incriminating paper trail he left in the singer’s garage — namely, a notebook filled with disturbing sentiments — as well as his computer. 

— Self was arrested on December 1 at a nearby Starbucks, which seems somehow fitting. 

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