Over Here, Bartender

Hey, you, server, bartender, owner of Grinders. Can I get a drink? Oh, Grinders, I do want to love you so. With your great pies, wings, Philly cheesesteaks and the best beer selection in town, why can’t you get some great service, too? As a member of the service industry, maybe I’m a little jaded about the level of service I expect. I was in there on a recent Monday night. We know better than to sit at a table, where you’re sure to never get service. You guys seemed to be moderately busy, and yet I sat at the bar with my friend for at least 10 minutes. Both the bartender and owner made eye contact with me, but no one even acknowledged my existence. Alas, my friend and I finally left. Sad to say, but it will be awhile before I darken your door again.

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