Out of Time & Space Astrology

June 2, 2011

Gemini/Gemini Rising (May 21-Jun 20): Happy birthday, Prince (June 7) … did your
musicianship peak with Purple Rain? Probably not. IMHO, your creativity started
to wane when you became a Jehovah’s Witness (my bad, you don’t celebrate your
birthday anymore.) Talk about suppressing your innate feminine side (I remember
your writing ‘If I Were Your Girlfriend’ under the pseudonym Camille). You have
not been the same, since. I feel sorry for you, my little light skinned brother.
Hey, as a complimentary milk chocolate brother of similar height, not girth, I
feel for you (oh, you wrote that joint sung by Chaka). So, where do you feel you
can’t win, Gemini? If male, you want to soften, but you’re afraid. And, if
female, you are being called the ’b-word’ simply because you’re assertive. No
worries. Help. Comes. Mr. Masculine Mars enters your sign shortly, and not under
the guise of premature ejaculation (in either sex, oh, go read something re:
human sexuality). In essence, do not shoot your load before you’re ready to go
on the record where you’ve been ignored. Whether you’re called a jerk or a
bee-atch, it is the willingness to take the risk of synthesized self-expression.
You sense it. You smell it, and you. Let you know when next week comes …

Cancer/Cancer Rising (Jun 21-July 21): Embarking upon a Poseidon adventure. The
more you hold onto what your egocentric world demands, the more you will feel as
if your world is being turned upside down. Sometimes Earth acts like one long
unwanted lesson after another lesson. Demanding that your conditioning has all
the answers while you cruise on unstable waters will leave in you in a state of
unfulfilled expectations and desires. Any progress has to happen through full
integration into your feeling body. Once you’ve realized your true gifts (no
matter how underutilized or forgotten), you can swim under and between the
Poseidon’s obstacles to being the star in your own story. In the original movie
circa 1972, your life parallels the Shelley Winters character. Ms. Winters swam
underwater to open the way for the remaining survivors. She had swam since high
school. Today, we have an overblown crop of current reality ‘stars’. Whether
they dance, survive or sing, each has to hold their breath to exhale their true
stuff. The observers judge them to see if they have pushed beyond their fears to
succeed (negative role models are still role models telling cautionary tales).
Check out Leo’s message.

Leo/Leo Rising (July 22-Aug 22): Marriage equality means more than currently
second class citizens simply want the option to make the same mistake as their
heterosexual counterparts. Rarely does one want ‘to marry in haste, only to
regret in leisure’ ala Las Vegas, no matter whom they’re marrying. Marriage
equality is not the same as civil unions. It is the continuing of freedom to
live life with more freedom and choice. For this summer, your relationship life
ebbs and flows between perceiving who brings you lust versus who promises a love
affair. The aforementioned is not mutually exclusive. You can get heated while
simultaneously desire a romantic, a so-called light of day connection. Pay rapt
attention to your dreams promising surrender to a strong mate who redeems you.
Allow a well timed rescue. Yet, being the one who wants control a.k.a. the
rescuer, you must allow yourself to choose someone who has something to give
willingly. Can you accept without rationalization? Early next week you have your
answer. Scorpio has some clues in their message.

Virgo/Virgo Rising (Aug 22-Sept 22): You can believe what you want to see in
those closest to you. Only when you have a Martha kind of relationship to these
spiritual realities. You may remember that when Jesus visited Mary and Martha
(or so the story goes), Mary sat as his feet. Martha kept cleaning or tending to
business. Ok, time to attend to the business of having a spiritual connection to
your living room or happy hour buddies. Whether you are a tea totter or not,
alcohol and politics aside, these are your folk that you let you be you. The
point? Apply Martha’s attention to physical detail to your spiritual world.
Begin to see both worlds as one. One of your ancient rulers, Mercury, has
entered your sibling sign of Gemini until June 16. Basically, you will be
arguing with yourself regarding your true usefulness at your chosen work (or
with a parent) until then. Avoid the mental minefields, go inward…could be your
final frontier, huh?


Libra/Libra Rising (Sep 23-Oct 22): Chickens coming home to roost…a saying that
could also mean these fowl are returning to their rooster? The hen who are
unable to leave their patriarchal controllers. Will he like when he realizes
that I rule the world ala Beyonce? When you make decision based on future
possibilities in relationships, you shine. No matter how many people give you
mucho flack for being idealistic and charitable, keep on keeping on being that
way. The world moves with you, even with we are unaware of doing so. This New
Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini activates your ninth state of higher and abstract
thought, having new adventures of expansive living and travel. Old Hens and
stuck roosters can learn new tricks. Imagine the strength in the gray areas of
your ethical life. Certainly there’s very little growth in rigidly adhering to
outmoded gender roles based on an outdated source filled with inaccuracies
a.k.a. the Bible. What are your processes for making the deeper decisions?

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (Oct 23-Nov 21): As a fixed water sign, you stop flowing
when you reach the bottom of things. In Toronto, a couple sent an email to their
social network stating they were going to keep their child’s gender a secret.
Only the midwives (home water birth), two siblings, and, of course, the parents
know. An informal poll on AOL Parent Dish, approximately 75% think that the
child will be confused. These 75% need to research the Zuni tribe that does not
prescribe gender based on genitalia, but on behaviors. Your sign rules such
“taboo” perspectives, that is, your deep water must get to the root of “why?”
Personally, I think the 75% are confused. What does an infant know about gender
roles or if he or she is wearing pink or blue? Look within your own life and
closest relationships, how have you regretted taking a resistant
(domineering/male) response when an open (receptive/female) one would have done?
Or vice versa? Gemini time of year teaches you, if not anyone else, how to be
fluid. Does thought have gender? Or our souls? C’mon profound feeling sign, drop
the Toronto family into conversation, polite or otherwise, get water moving
within folks’ unexamined issues. Report back. Read Pisces.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising (Nov 22-Dec 19): Love Child by the Supremes plays
as background music. A product of a love affair, the parent of a love child now
could be referred to as a ‘baby daddy’ or ‘baby mama’. Whatever. Your karma
(read: intensity) lies in your ability to live in the moment without thought of
the past or future. Sometimes that creates the next generation or, at the very
least, breaking of promises of exclusivity. As you lay, realize you have much to
offer another. I’m not speaking so much about a ‘love the one you’re with’ as I
am getting you to analyze your grass is always greener philosophy. This includes
both genders. You flit and flirt and philander until the love you want comes
back to you. Try initiating more honesty. If you want the love child, but not
the parent of said love child, then tell the other before you hook up. Or better
yet, sow your wild oats or creamy thighs elsewhere. Take a longer view of your
present actions is the bottom line.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising (Dec 21-Jan 19): May I be brought to the attention of
those who value what I do, the specialized and perfected professional role I
play in this yet to fully grow up society. That is an affirmation I have for you
Caps who live from a place of integrity and excellence. Those of you who use
everyone with whom you come in contact, piss off! Your manipulations are not
spot on. To be cynical is not to be chic. It’d be infinitely better to be like
‘country’ or ‘trashy’ as long as you’re bringing it real, than to be above all
while lusting after the waitress or car mechanic. Class warfare is your freaking
cross to bear (religious pun intended for those of you who worship the dollar).
I’m talking to #5 on the St. Louis Cardinals, the first baseman, Albert Pujols,
a Capricorn Earth Sheep (that’s another column re: Chinese Astrology). Not
singling him out, just have some St. Louis connections (& I went to a game on
May 22). It can be dangerous when you place too much value on the physical
world. Use this Neptune spin around today to give without any thought or
expectation of return. Watch the knots untie, starting with your neurotic
stomach …

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising (Jan 20-Feb 19): Polite. Yes. Nice. No. When you search
for love, you must begin with yourself. Sex. Easy. Lust. Yep. Connection. Huh?
As bright as you are intellectually, you have little to no awareness of what
your closest other needs (and if you do, are these needs given by you freely?).
You can easily fit the form of what a relationship requires using your immense
intuition to anticipate another’s need. But what about your needs? Legitimate
needs, not the rationalized, run through the balancing act of expecting to be
left. To assess your true passions, you have to be willing to see us as
individuals with feeling narratives, not sociological experiments for your own
mental exploitation. Gemini New Moons are excellent for fun, play and creative
use of your energies, not for dominating others (unless you’ve agreed upon safe

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): You are one of the water people. You seek
your own level. Know that could mean you are also a bottom feeder too, selling
your soul to anyone pays any attention to your story of playing the victim..
Heightened sensitivity to our pain, you desire to be the balm on our soul’s
wounds. This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in one of your challenging signs of
Gemini will have you questioning your early conditioning. Much like your Sun
sign symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions but connected by an
astral cord, you feel the past in direct proportion to wanting to let go of the
past. What if you had less gender conditioning (even though you are an
uber-feminine/yin sign) in your formative years? How much strength would you
assume you have, strength based on your inner reserves, not because big boys
don’t cry or girls are allowed to? Please read Cancer’s message too because you
know we all reflect each other, right?


Aries/Aries Rising (Mar 21-Apr 19): You sense your perceptions are being
broadened. You tend towards third eye visualization and immediate action to stir
up our enthusiasms. Be. See. Do. However, with Neptune sitting still in the
friendly skies in your 12th house of self-undoing, you could be feeling like
you’d rather take a power nap than get moving on some pet project. No worries.
Your consciousness transforms through opening the possibilities of how to
actively search for what (or whom) you want while augmenting your faith. Faith
or a trans-rational belief that your highest good (which includes the common
good) searches for ways to please you. If you must petulantly emote while in
alleged limbo, you get 10 minutes per listener. Limit yourself to 4 sets of
ears. Who am I to tell you this? I belong to a group called “The Evolutionary
Police”. Grow in understanding, get more whining time. Paradoxically, more
evolution, the less you will need to whine.

Taurus/Taurus Rising (Apr 20-May 21): Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar
system. He rules BIG things, like BIG business, BIG beliefs (religion &
publishing) and BIG learning (universities & college). He’ll be rolling his BIG
self into your sign on Saturday, where he’ll be pouring out, you’ve guessed it,
BIG blessings until June 11, 2012. Watch out for excesses of food, drink, sex,
you know, the ‘normal’ stuff. A kernel of acquisitiveness could easily turn out
to be full fledge materialism ala King Midas. Remember that not everyone is a
magnetic as you are. Some of us have to scratch, well, for our daily scratch and
cook our daily bread. Manage to distribute your goodwill and you’ll be protected
on all fronts. Those excesses, though, can turn a cupcake top into a muffin top,
a light beer belly into a kegger belly. Opportunity knocks. Be prepared for
doors to be open, if you’re ready.


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