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Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Your aspirations to have more trinkets collide against your rising need to have more, shall I say, soulful experiences? You’ve heard the ol’ saw about a camel through a needle and the rich man getting into the kingdom of God? Your soul, that is, your witness to your thoughts, actions and feelings desires more attention. Take care of your survival needs, but integrate these practical concerns with something more, spiritual. Helping you until June 11, 2012 is inspirational Jupiter rolling his benign butt through earthy Taurus, your next door neighbor. To be lifted out of most pragmatic frenzies only requires going to your buddies who live nearby. Let your peers know where you have faltered on your ability to dream bigger. Allow yourself to realize where you have the belief in your own authority. You can imminently trust this knowledge, if you’ve learned from past mistakes.

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): After more than a year of considering
where you’d like to grow in terms of professional status, now you have to join
with those organizations and networks that expand your sense of service to the
planet as a whole. Come out of your shell. No one reaches true fame or notoriety
as a solo act. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, June 15 at 314p CDT aids
leaving messages from family, God and bosses that you are unworthy behind. Time
to tackle larger community projects. See everyone as an extended family member.
Treat them as you would like to be treated ala the Golden Rule. When placed in
situations of needing to ‘agree to disagree’ then flip this rule to not dwell on
anything you wouldn’t want to have happen to you. Knowing whether to give what
to give what you want back or to not do anything you don’t want done to you
often makes the difference between an interdependent relationship or a
codependent one. Giving to receive is not freely giving.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Magnetic, yes. Electric, when you’re feeling your swagger. Using these poles of energy together, you can convince an intellectual design person from Juneau, Alaska, from which strain of chimpanzee they’ve evolved. For the next year, you will be drawn to enacting and/or embodying the beauty of your chosen social group. If not actually being the beautiful or handsome one, you will be close to whomever is considered such. What’s a child of the Sun to do? Promote the higher standards of what such beauty inspires, you know, those better angels of all our natures. The light you shine onto others shines back on you. Use your considerable goodwill to bring those who have been cast out or down, in and up, not simply because you can, but because you will be heard. But a caveat: you cannot fully show your strength, and then expect us to be support you, when you are less than authentic. A hypocritical, dominating Leo will inspire revenge, or worse dismissal Ask Rep. Weiner who has his Moon /instincts in Leo, continued in Virgo…

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Growing tired of community service? Has
to be your idea of how you want to serve, not how we want you to serve. Got it.
Congressman Weiner (Sept 4)? It is all about the conscious sacrifice, not out
of duty and obligation. You must want to. I’m upset that your outspoken voice
(who rivals former Representative Alan Grayson, Pisces, Florida) has been
sullied. Can’t fight city hall with something to hide. Even in your dreams
you’re being called to take yourself out of your conditioned reality. What if it
like the old saw, “Row, row your boat/life is but a dream”? Think about how much
more there is to life than what you have been taught. Because there is. And,
what you do before are enlightened, you serve your community. After you are
enlightened, you serve your community. Rowing down the stream acts as a metaphor
to the stream of life. Is it main or have you thought for yourself, beyond your
upbringing, and more importantly, religious conditioning. For the record, hold
your ground as you exalt in your humble service. End the courting of humiliation


Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): This is an open letter of apology to you. Sometimes your basic neutrality leaves, me, well less than inspired. I can forgive your constantly seeking moderation as Madonna desperately sought Susan back in the 80’s, however, when you sell your soul for luxury or heteronormative living, I lose respect. You are the sign that was born to push the envelope to create new forms and ideals of how we relate to each other. Think Gandhi and the British, Jesse Jackson and Push, both Librans moved the status quo beyond where it thought it ought to be. Each Gemini time intense light blazed to get you to disseminate your basic philosophy of how we all reflect each other’s innate spirits. It is a true vision of we are the world. Where’s your wise fire? It begins in your brain, trusting your intellect, exhibiting immense confidence that you have thoughts worthy of being heard. Our hearing depends on how married each thought is heart. Just because you can get married, does not mean you should or stay in any closet because some oft planet deities words have been incorrectly represented (that’s the heteronormative stuff, I was alluding to…) And, sometimes less heart is okay, when you’re dealing with mental swine.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): You’ve been given a second chance. If I say, do not worry by whom or what, can you let go needing to know? Probably not, huh? You’ve realized what wasn’t right in your life, and for a time you wanted to bolt for the doors, border or divorce lawyer. Instead you sunk deeper into your fixed waters. Congratulations. A life line is on its way. Your higher self a.k.a. soul has given you a reprieve a.k.a. a second chance. Part of being concentrated feeling is that you must purify your feeling energies into pure emotion a.k.a. energy in motion. You are not Pisces. You cannot surrender your will when you have mixed feelings. You must take responsibility to use your scintillating intellect to ascertain the meanings of your feelings. Breathing helps. Breathing alone helps even better. Some call it meditation. Whatever you call your retreat from egocentric control and manipulation has little importance. Simply, it is better you regularly withdraw from freakish obsession over anyone, including yourself. Although, paradoxically, it was you who gave yourself aforementioned second chance. Ain’t forgiveness and acceptance grand virtues to possess? Can’t give something you do not have, particularly for yourself first…

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): All is fair in love until you get it right, so you set a little trap for that manipulative fox you’ve set near your potential lover’s hen house. Once you realize that your fiery rationalizing has ignored some of the facts of what your beloved loves, you become the sage you’re born to be. No, it is not easy or fair for Lady Centaurs, but realize that you like the arrogant, smart hunk of a man (or woman) which sometimes makes the brain the least exercised muscle. Got to leave the past pains where they belong, in the past. “Time won’t change the meaning of one love/ageless and ever, ever, evergreen”, you go on, Ms. Streisand (lyrics from Evergreen (Love Theme from “A Star Is Born”). You have less worry, even none, when you intend to keep love growing. Evolution through synergy of two egos bending and surrendering to two souls a.k.a. higher selves. Green is also one of the colors of our heart chakra where there is room for all types of love.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): Last week unless you read Gemini’s horoscope, let me update you. I went off, slightly ranted, about Prince becoming a Jehovah’s Witness. Basically, his creativity was suppressed by the off-planet desert god of the ancient Israelites. Old Testament. Very Old Testament. It is time to say goodbye to the Old Testament. The spirits of these very witnesses have gone to the fiery Gehenna (hell, not the skewed variety). Would you burn your children in perpetuity for mishaps as they were learning how to play well get along with others? So, if God is so wise and forgiving, why would he? Give up that external authority, be that your boss, supervisor, partner with the magical genitals, old school gods flaming with fire and brimstone, chasing after money, it doth not matter. Right before the beginning of summer, your guardian teacher has started to move in the area of how you worship, role you want to be respected for, letting your groove/swagger be recognized by those you want it to be so. A bit of ego, well earned, moves you beyond the old patriarchal land mines post haste! There is no burning bush spouting off commandments. Love with an open hand and heart sets your world correct.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising* (Jan 20-Feb 19): Broad truths to swallow and live by, huh? To swallow is not a problem being as sexually provocative as you are, but ingesting our feeling truths rankles your nerves. In fact, you’ve been known to use your exceptional physical prowess to ignore those more, shall I say, sentimental feelings. If you are thinking that ‘you don’t care’ or ‘whatever’, then I am correct in my current assessment. As the season shifts from adaptable airy Gemini to initiating feeling Cancer (June 21 @ 1218p CDT), your artistic self wants to ground itself into any number of mediums. Sex is just, albeit powerful, one medium of expression. If what or whom you are seeking is not healing, then bypass as if it were the wrong bus or taxi to catch. Broad truth: yes, you were born for larger things than you currently express, but do not throw yourself away on the first person who understands this about you.

Pisces/Pisces Rising* (Feb 18-Mar 20): Imagine if you were rejected by your mother because you didn’t look like she thought you should. Or that your father abandoned you. Talk about the therapy bills. Famous centaur, Chiron, had this introduction into the world. Half-human, half-horse healer/teacher of his fellow rowdy brethren, he possessed a wound that would not heal. This poignant myth permeates your world. You have a wound, be it cultural, racial, ancestral, emotional, it is there to increase your compassion for others. A large part of your mission is having empathy for everyone’s wounds without collapsing into an enabling relationship with the wounded. Sometimes I’ve seen Pisces folk be exceptionally attractive but have an inability to truly be happy with themselves of with others. Pretend that you are an ancient shaman, your wound qualifies you as a healer of others. Use your exceptional ability to synthesize many different philosophies into a mixture that will be tonic. If you cannot, then go enjoy your favorite escapist activity.


Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): After more than 30 years in the music industry, my favorite (Aries) singer, Chaka Khan, received the 2440th Hollywood Walk of Fame star plaque in LA last month. She and Rufus was one of the first successful integrated bands almost 40 years ago. There’s your lesson, oh, fiery one. It is the longevity, your pioneering nature may go overlooked for years. You can sometimes give up when you do not get the immediate results you believe you deserve. Sometimes it takes the rest of us to recognize your own individual genius. The days right before summer ripen with an intense intellectual energy that courts paranoia and self-destructive thoughts. Resist the temptation to regret what you have not accomplished yet. Aspirational Jupiter now holds courts in your second state of simple, earthy values. You know what matters, fame and recognition come after you reduce your reality back to your original intent: showing off your true individual spirit for us, unabashedly and unapologetically. You know that you’ve done it as well as Chaka, if you have Stevie Wonder (or someone similarly supportive) applauding you and your accomplishments (he wrote “Tell Me Something Good”, her first Grammy w/Rufus in 1975).

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): The Italian Love Goddess, Venus, smolders through versatile, flexible and mental agile Gemini until July 3, you search for another income stream. Even if you do nothing to accomplish this feat, you are thinking of ways to diversity your wealth. First of all, let’s talk prosperity versus wealth. I could state stale statistics that demonstrate the lessening of wealth within America’s middle class. But, how is our Prosperity Quotient (PQ)? PQ means that the Goddess from Tuscany (Venus moved from Rome, it was too dirty for her) allots you enough you can handle in time, money, love and physical affection. Got enough time, but not enough money? Are you one of the chronically unemployed or underemployed? Got enough folk wanting what’s beneath your waist, but they seem to never look in your eyes, long and hard. Talk to voluptuous Venus, write a journal on beautiful paper in order to focus on ways to increase your PQ, economists be damned.

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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