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Love Songs Theme Week
(Read Scorpio first.)

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Don’t want little man artist formally known as Prince now known as a fundamentalist Christian coming after me. I found a live song after his conversion to being a JW that is worth everything (I admit I have been a bit obsessed with his creativity, or lack thereof). It’s the ol’ Temptations joint “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)”. He hits guitar chords that would make Jimi Hendrix awaken from his grave! With Mars hitting your sign on June 20 and Jupiter in the sign next door (Taurus), you’ve got big spirits (dead or alive) willing and able to help you. Imagine that judges conspire to keep you from being hit with the letter of the law. Your road to heaven is paved with good intentions (without the fear of backlash). The only way hell would open its doors and Cerberus would hound you (pun intended), is, if you use your overly active imagination (mind) to conjure ways to think others do not have good intentions towards you (when they obviously do).

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): Every day that I’m with you/It feels so good to alive/Every time that you are near/I feel the happiest inside/Baby, I need your love/Just like the rainbow needs the sky/Baby, I want your love/And I could never say goodbye/Baby, I need your love/Just like the flower needs the rain/Baby, without your love/well I could never be same. Imagine having one of your favorite Jazz and R&B singers born on your only child’s birthday? My son was born on Angela Bofill’s birthday (May 2). She sung this song representing your immense capacity for intimacy. And, right before your birthday, you are likely to become waterlogged with humid, heavy thoughts of what if you had…fill in the blank. Know how much you need love. Access the Greek language and its more than 90 definitions for ‘love’. Ms. Bofill, also, sung another favorite “Time to Say Goodbye”. You gotta know when to leave the party, relationship, hell, even job and family. When you’re expressed sensitivities are not paid attention to on any satisfying level, say “next!”. Now, the trick will be releasing your crab like pinchers on those you feel you cannot live without…a.k.a. “letting go”.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Like a fool I went and stayed too long/Now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong/Here I am, baby/Signed, sealed, delivered/I’m yours/Then that time I went and said goodbye/Now I’m back and I’m not ashamed to cry. You’ve got the future in your hands, as the song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” goes. The original rendition written and sung by Stevie Wonder was used by Senator Obama (August 4) as his campaign music. A lover wanting forgiveness, can you relate? As the sign mostly likely to sleep with an old flame, I’m sure you can. Have you ever allowed anyone else to have your future in their hands? Can you give up that type of control? You tend to be the one that wants to guide, mold and instruct. Let the right one in, and you will begin to see how a collaborative life beats an insecure and overcompensating one, every time.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Every morning, every afternoon, every night/I wanna be with you/It don’t matter if we go to the park or watch a play/Stay in the hotel room all day/I just wanna be with you/I love everything about you/From your old school tennis shoes/To the way you move when you’re dancing with me. Gift From Virgo by Beyonce comes in this week for you to concentrate on the love you want, not the love you do not want. With Mercury, your guardian angel, speedily flying his winged feet through compatible Cancer until July 2, you’ll feel one gift, and that is being able to see everyone you meet with a combo of objectivity and feeling. Strangers to acquaintances to friends to lovers in smoother moves. Do not see yourself from a position of lack or worry about the future. Stay present and focused on the connection you have, and love does the rest (and do not overthink what or how ‘love does the rest’, either).


Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): As the only starting air (intellectual relational) sign, you were born on one level to learn how to love. I know to sing a pretty song/I can carry talking all night/but when t comes to you/I don’t know what to do?/I guess I never knew how to love/I have to fulfill all my dreams/My frustrations are bursting at the seems/But you are still the one I’m thinking of/I guess I never knew how to love/I didn’t plan to be a star/then you tell me what you are. Ok. Ok. Not. The Best. Lyrics. The singer goes on to talk about how she loves but it doesn’t show. This song is dedicated to Ms. Kim Kardashian (Libra, Oct 19) and her 2 million dollar engagement ring. She knows how to secure our attention, but does she know how to love? Use those scales to balance the pretty and socially valuable with soulful and under our 24/7 media radar. Oh, I forgot, Kim does NOT seem to know how to do that, everything must be recorded (if the cameras aren’t there, did it happen?)…emphasis on the ‘thing’ aspect. I hope it is not true. I want her and Mr. Humphries to be fully happy, bling and all, but heart trumps bling each and every time! However, as the only sign of the zodiac without an animal or human attached to it, you can sometimes come across as mechanical and calculated, as if you’re always waiting for us to show our feelings first. Why not reverse this habit and take the risk?

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): Love Forgot by Luther Vandross…love forgot that we used to be just fine/love forgot about the tender times/love forgot to ask you if wanted to give me one more try/maybe love forgot this time/love forgot the power to forgive (impossible)/love forgot that we depend on it (it couldn’t be)/love forgot that it’s the only way our poetry will ever rise/I think that love forgot this time. When you forget how tender you are, love forgets you, and you forget how loving you innately are. The Gemini/Cancer time of year helps you fully flower. Love remembers, and more importantly, embraces you and yours. This song shows what could happen if you stay locked in past identities and histories that have not worked, a cautionary tale for you and yours. Risk more emotional exposure and love surrounds as if you were a fish swimming in unpolluted waters.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): The Weakness in me by Sag Joan Armastrading is your love song. I’m not the sort of person/who falls in and quickly out of love/But to you, I give my affection, right from the start./I have a lover who loves me / how could I break such a heart?/Yet still you get my attention./Why do you come here, when you know I’ve got troubles enough?/Why do you call me,/when you know I can’t answer the phone?/And make me lie when I don’t want to,/And make someone else some kind of an unknowing fool? You’ve been in love with OPP (Other People’s Property) as well as been sought after when you belong to someone else, no? For the next 17 days, your mind moves mostly towards thoughts of bending relationship rules, courting betrayal. When does flirting show intent to cross that exclusive line in the sand? When is sexting not a good thing? You may have to stop to love like you stop to smell the roses, more frequently than not. Too much neglect creates a locked door that even your persuasive tongue can’t secure the key.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): The closer I get to you/the more you make me see/by giving me all you’ve got/your love has captured me/over and over again I try to tell myself that we can be never more than friends/all the while inside I knew it was real/the way you make me feel/lying here next to you/time just seems to fly/needing you more and more/let’s give love a try?/Sweeter and sweeter love grows/and heaven is there for those/ who fool the tricks of time/with hearts of love will find true love/in a special way/The closer I get to you. Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack in 1978 recorded this hit song. Love has to capture you. It an all pervading caution that keeps you away from your ‘got to be real’ feeling. You have an erring sense of faux logic focused (even obsessed) on success or status. You can believe you are not worthy for true, close and real love out of some warped mental state based on whatever your family of origin did to you. Grow up, sure, but, grow in. Recognize that certain someone(s) who love you for you, and not your bank account or social ties.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising* (Jan 20-Feb 19): Untitled by D’Angelo & Fallin’ in Love by Anthony Hamilton…Girl it’s all on you and it’s your way/and if you want you can decide/and if you have me, I can provide/everything you desire/Said if you get a feeling, that I am feeling/won’t you come closer to me baby? Anthony Hamilton sings I’ve been wantin’ so long to get next to you/Ain’t got the nerve but to tell ya/Baby, you keep me up through the nighttime/Thinking about your love and affection. Both of these Aquarius men fully illuminate the enormous heart your sign can have for those, that is, once you’ve decided to come down from your lofty (and detached) perch. It’s got to be your decision. No one keeps baby in the corner! And, you know your own mind, even when you ignore your heart. Although, you are a soft touch to those who have proven themselves intellectually worthy of your heart. And, like the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus), your loyalties waver seldomly, slowly and stubbornly. Basically, these bards belt the sentiment…you’re going to miss me when I’m gone, and I’m not easily replaced. So, hold me close, because this moment is all we have.

Pisces/Pisces Rising* (Feb 18-Mar 20): Pisces Vanessa Williams sung “Save the Best for Last”. Now we’re standing face to face/Isn’t this world a crazy place?/Just when I thought had passed/You go and save the best for last. Realize the lyrics go on to tell on an unreflective male, entranced by the beautiful bauble, all the while ignoring the woman of substance. Oh, don’t go all coy with me, female Pisces, you’ve been magnetized by the strong, puffed up male acting as protector. Problems occur when he has little poetry in his soul. Just know any new male you meet won’t be up to snuff (imaginary or otherwise) until late July. Allow for a certain lag time between fantasy and reality, then, and only then, there will be less disappointment. Male fish, well, who cares? No, really, I care. Be hesitant re: saving any new women in distress. Check the facts of her story before you commit your ever open, but damaged, heart. If you men do not know where the planet Venus was @ your time of birth, my spiritual attorney self charges you with emotional malpractice.


Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): I’ve done so many things wrong/I don’t know if I can do right/This point in my life done so many things wrong/don‘t know if I can do right…put your trust in me/I won’t let you down/give me a chance/I’ll try/you see it’s been a hard road…/right now/right now/ doing the best I can…although I’ve walked in the shadows/still searching for the light/won’t you put your faith in me/we both know that’s what matters/give me a chance/I will try/you see I’ve been climbing stairs/mostly stumbling down/I’ve been reaching out/always losing ground…I still have mountains to climb/right now/right now/I’m doing the best I can/why don’t we take this step/why don’t we walk down that path?/I cannot make any promises… Aries Tracy Chapman wrote these words. When the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere reaches its closest point on June 21, we (especially you) have to know what truly matters at this point in our lives. Are you doing the best you can? Do you know that love is only what matters? Cancer time of year and Cancer folk (be that Sun, Moon or rising) challenge your firebrand like expression (think of them as those folk who follow half-term governor from Alaska). They challenge you to not simply emote your own feelings, but to be open to our emotions. Open, yes, but to fix or suppress our expression, no.

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Your sign rules the throat, thyroid and upper shoulders. As such, whenever a male singer goes falsetto, he’s operating from your control. Maxwell, although, Gemini utilized your love song through the cover of “This Woman’s Work”. Now, you male bulls are not going out of your way to do any woman’s work, unless it is as an exceptional female lover using her tongue on another female. (We don’t have the same generally acceptable fantasies about male on male action in this culture as we do about lipstick lesbians, now, do we?) Now starts the craft of the father/I know you’ve got a little life in you yet/I know a lot of strength left/I should be crying but I just can’t let it show/I should be hoping/but I can’t stop thinking. Your homework is to break one gender taboo this week. If big boys don’t cry, cry. If you were taught to defer to male authority, speak up. What do you have to give, but in your stubbornness a.k.a. excessive resistant thinking won’t you give?

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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