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Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): You wake up Friday, July 1 to a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. Did you know that ancient royals would manipulate the common folk and say that a dragon would swallow the Sun? Sound familiar? Can you say Debt Ceiling alert? Are we acting out a Henny Penny reality? Oh, back to my original point … Chinese astrology year of the Dragon are 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012. Dragons are a composite animal with wings, claws, serpentine qualities, etc. They have a falling to Earth like the ancients angels of yore who looked upon the Earthly women with lust. The planet of love, joy, beauty and harmony (Venus) hovers at a point of giving back, disseminating your special and spiritually directed gifts (the ancients would say the Dragon’s tail). Huh? To help someone in need is still an excellent way to pay your karmic debts forward, no need to fall to Earth. You can have more of an accepting attitude like you’d rather be here than somewhere else (and you can make that in your relationship’s reality instead being all abstract. Better yet, old lovers reappear over the next several weeks, simply know what you have to gain (or lose). However, could all the voices from your past inform your furiously that you are unworthy of all Venus has to offer you? No worries, Henny. No frustrations. So, you hurt too easily; it is better than not feeling at all. Realize this New Moon wants to set off a transcendence of what you imagine holding you back. Engorge yourself of all your “cards”, race, gender, sexuality, class, religious. Play your card(s) from an evolving, powerful and self-assured “dragon” nature.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): As the story goes, the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu went into a depression, pre-pharmaceuticals. I’m of the mind that you are Leo, Sun ruled, because in prior lives you were too mental and melancholy. Sun Goddess went into a cave (not good, no light, hence, no life, no crops). Uzume, the goddess of mirth, officially became the first flasher! Her playful display of her privates brought Amaterasu into such a raucous laughter that she left the cave. That interplay between your passive (acted on feminine) and your active (what you think of me is unimportant, I know my motives) brings illumination to all facets of your life, love and world! You desire during this New Moon before your birthday to have a place for your most sublime feelings. After all, you’re the sign of “romantic” love. Often, this love is adolescent in its application, this Solar Eclipse could have you behaving in a more pragmatic manner, even in the area of fantasy. It is okay to be needing some downtime, but when your partner begins to walk around with little to no clothing, attend to someone else’s needs can be an excellent way to shine.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Your mind and communicative abilities will be off the chain from July 2 through September 8. Not one to underutilize your left brain, yet, if you overdo it, we will run away in droves. There is something about being too fact driven, picky and outwardly correcting of our small inaccuracies. Simply remember to align your powerful and flexible thoughts to encouraging others innate empathy. Can you sometimes begin a sentence with ‘I don’t dislike this or that, enough to make a difference as to … ? This works excellently when pizza is being ordered communally. For example, I don’t dislike black olives enough to not eat said pizza. When zealous, compassion reminds you how to treadmill a while in another’s running shoes. Perform from a big picture outlook and we will follow you, big guy or mama (big, as in heart, hello?). There is rarely such a stark astrological time to where the adage, “to those where more is given, more is expected” has been truer. You have been gifted with a 9½ week mandate to create higher music to mediate, express and integrate what at first seems to be polar opposites (or friends who are on the outs). Instead of seeing flip sides of the same coin, you’ll see the worth of the whole coin. If you cannot bring harmony, after disharmony, ask yourself did you really want peace?


Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): Oh, mystical love, saying goodbye is not an easy thing to do. You have been “forced” to mature since November, 2009. And, then, from your heart, like the increased solar winds on the sun, you have been swayed to dream those impossible dreams. It is beyond a ‘guess who’s coming to dinner?’ (a 1967 movie starring Sidney Pointier, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn) scenario, it is cross dimensional reality you’re seeking while staying firmly rooted in daily reality. Those daydreams, visualizations and nighttime dreams all provide clues to other dimensions. In this world, look like the authority you’ve thought yourself to be. You’ve got us rooting for your success in direct proportion to your thinking you have earned it. In those other dimensions, be the consummate star, lover, artist (read: developed individualist with a beaucoup heart) you perceive yourself to be. It is said that Ms. Hepburn never saw the completed film of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, because they both knew it would the last line of Tracy’s final film (he died 17 days after its filming ended). Until February 2, 3, 2012, live your life as if you were Spencer Tracy. What would Spencer Tracy Do (WWSTD)? How would you live knowing how much time you have left? Hint: seek & exhibit joy.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): Quietly libertine, that’s you. Unless you have strong Aries, Aquarius or Leo, you are the silent types our parents warned us about. Walking that fine line between suspicious and paranoid, you have to learn at the beginning of summer that an adventure is an adventure is an adventure (like Freud and his infamous cigars). Last week I said “adventures work, only when they do not hurt your primary relationship(s)”. Hell, you are aware these wanderers a.k.a. planets slow down sometimes to teach us a deeper lesson. And, you are all about the deep, be they thrusts or motivations. This New Moon on July 1 has assertive Mars adjusting his direction to clandestine Pluto. Not ever wanting you to implode, but, be aware of how you can overanalyze the potential pleasure out of anything. To surrender to what (or who) brings you ecstasy is not a weakness. All I’d suggest is prenegotiate your pleasures, as if you were tutored by the Marquis de Sade himself. All that is offered, does not need be accepted. Yeah, but a steady stream of negatives can get on some of our near to last nerves.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): Hitting the lottery or winning at a casino would be similar to a peasant meeting a royal, that is, if said royal hired him or her. To what exactly are you married? Job, money, career, vocation? There’s a watershed moment occurring in your innermost needs. You have more than some explaining to do, you must take action on what your personal truths are. As the only adaptable fire (spirit) sign, you were born to learn what and why we have ethics and morals. As your ruling planet Jupiter moves through the solidly earth sign of Taurus, humility is being served in larger proportions than you’d enjoy. Imagine the possibilities of your life if money, taxes, student loans and child support were not an issue. What would you do then for service to your chosen community? Popular American culture loves to drone on about our ‘freedoms’. Are we really as free as we are lead to believe? Ever gone to an interracial picnic, church or college? Have you observed with whom folk choose to eat? It is heart breaking … wealth or not, we’ve lots of growing to do (period).


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): You’re nearly depleted. You’ve got 25 miles to go before you get home and your feet are hurting mighty bad ala Edwin Starr. Unless you ask for help in a manner befitting your executive standards (or new shoes), you won’t make it. It is not humiliating or weak to realize you’re running on empty. You are holding onto past realities and overly sentimentalizing them, you know, revisionist history. Save some energy (or syllables as I like to call it) to get you home after a spontaneous debauchery. You’re having those binges because you’re remembering past hook ups. Then, you’re making the mistake of comparing the past inside man to the current inside man. Heterosexual men can do the same thing as it relates to a woman penetrating their hearts, just cause one is physical and the other emotional doth make them any less painful. Put off until August 17, the need to outwardly express any of your freakish tendencies. Your oasis by then will consist of having your cake and eating it too, that is, because you are the dessert.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): It’s the parent who gave you less love and/or tougher love that looms larger in your soul’s reality at present. Said parent interferes with your current ability to show how you love. I know, I know, you have a propensity to see worse case scenarios first. But, have you thought that the universe, the impersonal universe is benign? It is our fractured and wounded hearts that tip these forces into sad madness (well, along with your documented past of being exiled by those who claimed to love you, hence back to the family of origin …) This parent wants to keep you locked in emotional pasts that no longer work for the person you’re becoming. You have a team of supporters who want to be there for you, but you must inculcate in them a vision of how to help you, and how you’d accept their help. Inculcating is akin to teaching young children how to say ‘thank you’, when an adult give them something they want. You’re the adult (almost). Be grateful for what is there and who shows up, not for who is missing or hating. Your off planet aid (a.k.a. those on your ‘mothership’) await your affirmative direction (check the U.F.O. YouTube video from London on 24 June 2011). Let your reflective heart lead your foggy mind …

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): Can’t get away from your nagging sense of guilt or shame? First, speak nothing about it. Second, feel the total love of yourself. Angels follow you like restless dogs chase cars. Cancer, an highly compatible water sign, offers mucho support in your confidence, that untutored ability to know when to stand up and when to submit. Your success comes through your private prayer for women winning whatever is important to them. And, let it be known, you can be in female body and not wish the best for your own gender. I’d be willing to say I don’t think the GOP/Tea Party women desire the best for their own gender. Internalized oppression be a bitch to deconstruct. Dive deeply into your alleged mixed feelings. Through taking a well timed risk, you’ll soon sense that there is nothing to lose, except a role assignment that you were not suited to play in the first place. As far as the dog chasing cars reference, it got your attention, no? Instead be the dog with an expansive driveway, and the cars come to you …


Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): Life is a carnival. It is truly an American shame that we do not celebrate enough … Mardi Gras, kind of celebrations, I mean. Festival relating, ancient Saturnalias, and the like. Sure, concerts often may operate as a preorgasmic symbol of the Three Graces of connection I’m talking about. However, as the pioneering spirit (fire) sign of the loco circle of animals (zodiac), I charge you with the responsibility to start more carnivals (do you like the word ‘circus’ better?) I didn’t think so. If you feel the need to play it safe, then continue to drop those bombs in conversation, laugh, walk away. Draw upon that court jester life you know you’ve had. Like your compatible fire sign of Sagittarius, you get away with much through your unaffected use of humor. No kneeling before detached and judgmental gods, you’ve moved beyond this kind of need for approval around age 14. You are precisely the higher kind of wisdom we’ve been taught to seek in this young soul culture. In other words, the wisdom (knowledge applied in present moments) we are supposed to search for outside is definitely within. Continue to mature, you live this truth for all of us to observe.

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Have I told you that you can be a prideful as any Leo? If I have not, then charge me with Astrological Recklessness in our Spiritual Court of Law (humph, not near the Hague, more likely to be somewhere near the Dog Star, Sirius). If I have told you, but not enough, then, I’d be charged with Astrological Negligence. For me to be reckless, I must have a ‘wanton disregard for what could harm you’. This is not an admission, but maybe, I’m a bit of both, negligent and reckless. If it is a question of fact, let’s get a lofty jury, who practices what he or she preaches. What you need to know for this upcoming week is that your sense of entitlement can get the best of you and injure your relationships. Gratitude, for whom? Grateful, for what? And, how do you openly express joy? You see, that if you behave like a Leo, you’ll come off as calculating, insincere and complacent. Leos get to be a bit brash, loud and commanding because on some level their sincerity protects them. Being the only fixed (stubborn) earth (stubborn) sign, you can easily this week come of as “expectant” and “duplicitous”. At or near your best you are rarely either. I sigh relief. I cannot be charged with astrological negligence …

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Extended and blended, that’s the family I have. Loving those adolescents that I met as bonus siblings, oh, how I am blessed. Just to continue my Prince theme from last month … Oh 7/how you make me cry … being the sweetest someone that I know … maybe we are only to have hot fun in the summertime. Act like you are going to be treated as hip-hop royalty, ghetto fabulous and all. Oh, c’mon, there is little shame left in our 50 states. Ok, here’s a truth: it is through the recognition of love (given and received) that you can begin to act like what may be considered out of character, but you are given what’s called a ‘pass’. Usually, it is when you present yourself as smarter, prettier or sexier than others, then they want to take you down and out (and not in a good way, I should add). If you have siblings &/or first cousins that you do not get along with, you have until the end of September to make it right. Need fear? 2012 and the end of the world. (GOP Presidential Candidates and their 1950’s thinking). Need love? Nothing to lose by playing the role of the person with the larger heart demonstration. Good Times/These are some Good Times/Leave your cares behind … and a hip-hop … please let love be your primary motivator, master communicator (like ol’ school hip hop did, before too much gangsta’ rap).


*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

What does an undergraduate degree in Corporation Finance and a law degree and license have to do with astrology, tarot and numerology? Everything and nothing. How Taoist is that? The Pitch is proud to bring back Quan Tracy Cherry, and his nearly 7 years of writing experience, including a weekly column for The Pitch, the Edge, eKC and 417 Magazine, plus appearances on 95.7 FM, Live 365 Internet Radio and Channel 5 news.

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