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Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): Crisis in action demands you challenge those imprinted shoulds. “Imprinted Shoulds” represent your unconscious (and often neurotic) sense of duty and obligation. Instead of letting others determine your self-worth, look to how you help change the atmosphere of your community through simply being you. No, this is not the Oprah-esque gospel of self-help and exaltation. It is the good news of early summer offering clemency from bad acts witnessed poorly, and advocated even worse. Through self acceptance brought on by diligent inner work, you need no advocate. Your actions speak for themselves. It is all about your taking control over your personal narrative. You are not to be shamed into following another’s agenda, simply because you were taught to do so. No one who claims to love you ought to want to demonize you. How about wanting to be supportive without needing to think you should be?

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Oh, you willful sign of the dog days of summer, you are living quite a balancing act. You are an ancient blacksmith about to place the burning iron into some sitting water. That is your energetic road to walk, iron making itself more useful through fire & water. And, you are willing (pun intended) to go through the fire, when you feel appreciated and acknowledged for what you seem to give so freely. It is that you must know how much your spirit (fire) needs to realize your soulful (water) needs. Once you access your soul (the part of our being that knows how we are more similar than distinct), then you give what we need from an open heart, not what you think we should need. Your soul know that bending your will to get along with others works as long as you know your breaking point. The challenge requires your playing to our expectations versus realizing what you expect from yourself. Recognize the connections you desire, determine how much you have to give, then, let the chemistry of your individual spirit fused with your higher self a.k.a. soul do its work.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Ask you how you are, and you talk about your work. The luckiest of your helpful and adaptable practical sign live the difference between job, career and vocation. Survival needs and supporting a mate or family, many of you take jobs. Careers come in as important when experience and education meet. But, when Buddhists talk about ‘Right Livelihood’, you’ve grabbed the brass ring a.k.a. vocation. Vocation in Latin is vocare which means ‘to call’. So, who is on the other end of the smart phone? Your higher self which has the long term lesson plan for your life. With self-motivating Mars in Gemini until August 3, you have a recipe for moving from career to vocation. Even if finances do not allow this to be true, use this martial fire to burn away self-defeatist attitudes. Stand up and be counted for what you do well. Take the initiative in forming new communication strategies to those who can make a difference in your bottom line.

Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): As your confidence increases in your ability to manifest long term goals, you attract more opportunities for career growth. It boils down to something you were born to learn, social networking. If there is not a relationship, you must create it. With smooth operator and choosey lover, Venus, moving through your 10th house of career and professional reputation, attract those who can be most helpful getting you to next rung of the ladder. It may show up as an event, a new Facebook friend or an accidental meeting with someone with whom you used to work. Note, the acquaintance or colleague today can be the mentor or friend tomorrow. As you look over the arc of the past 2 years, it has been about the quid pro quo (honest and true) in getting closer to anyone a.k.a. you get as good as you give.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): Playing the role of female in a relationship, no matter what the genitalia, means a certain unexamined acceptance of pointed quipped comments that make you not want to connect physically. It can be seen as playing hard to get (men never do that) or that women do not enjoy sex as much as men (yeah, right). You have the dark and seven sins (comprised by a male god and his male writers) of the female gender at your disposal like a virtuoso has vocal ranges. The ‘vicious circle’ may be a concept you’ve created. You can be too smart for your own good, usually looking for relationship history to repeat itself. Diligently defensive, your refusal to let go of a past relationship challenges seems like vomit replicating itself. To healthily play the female role well requires a dedication to inner work. What you painstakingly determine are your core values, t’aint nobody’s business, if others do not understand. Want to be barefoot and pregnant? T’aint nobody’s business, if you do. Want to follow your lover to her next big job opportunity? T’aint nobody’s business, if you do. Want to do some cross gender stuff, even after gay pride be done? T’aint nobody’s business, if you do. God bless the child, who has got her own…

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): Wanting the best of homoerotic love, huh? There is strength in numbers without question. Being on the down low (not out, closeted) has its advantages. Loving from a far, inviting same sex members on pseudo dates and masturbatory material par excellence enter as some of the collateral benefits. However, homoerotic is not the same as homosexual. Women, particularly those of spirited fire signs (you, Aries and Leo), can be light years ahead of accepting and expressing their same gender love without getting stuck in what’s goes on below the belt. Our own culture has a schizophrenic relationship to love and sex. We hear voices of suppression while being bombarded with images and words to incite our lower passion. This can make a lofty minded Sag chant for a mothership traveling from a planet with more than two genders. Set the boundaries in the face of what you consider to be too much aggression when you sense it. Do this now and August won’t be as difficult ascertaining the coded messages from others.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): It has been said that Capricorns do not have lives, they have careers. With Saturn plodding through Libra, your 10th house of status and ambitious, you are being handed additional responsibilities (whether you want them or not, somebody’s watching you.) The chinks in your armor become evident as you seem to forced to make allies with those whom you secretly despise or disrespect. ‘You cannot fight city hall with self-serving motives’ warns of checking your own faults first before pointing out the fallacies of others. No, your life does not seem fair. Yet, delays in your ascent does not mean you won’t eventually succeed. Saturn rewards those who diligently build methodically. Helping you for the next three weeks is Venus (love/joy/harmony) moving through your complimentary sign of Cancer. She urges you to pay attention to your personal life and relationship. Who knows (insert shoulder shrug here) those traveling with you along way may point out those chinks before an authority figure (who’s watching you) notices them?


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): Saying what you want is only the beginning in getting what you want. Action has to follow your well chosen words. Beware though: your mental filter will be diminished over the next week. And, let me be loyal to truth, your filter is not that strong in the first place. That’s why if you say something you immediately regret, apologize and do something to demonstrate your remorse. The flip side rings true, too, in the very real sense that you can open up about what you think you are feeling. Yes, contemplation on your feelings, giving voice to them will help us understand you better. Duh, you scoff. You may also think that you know what is best for those closest to you, and many times you do, but even with your fast processing, you must let us get there in our own time. Thinking about what you should feel lessens the experience of simply sharing your feelings. Duh, I scoff.

Pisces/Pisces Rising* (Feb 18-Mar 20): Feeling like you’re living two lives? On the one hand, you have been making your own way, barely recognizable by your family of origin. On the other hand, you wistfully long for an idyllic past, sometimes creating nearly whole fictions to make the ‘truth’ more bearable. Use the next several weeks to go on a personal crusade to get to the facts of what makes you, you. You have entirely more emotional courage than you give yourself credit for. The more you like how you’ve made the best of your humble beginnings, the more confident you will exude, the more fulfilled your life will become. Even when your life’s start had more to offer, truly ascertain how much you’ve created on your own effort. The yearnings do not end (all water signs, Cancer and Scorpio yearn). What becomes remarkable is using said yearnings to inspire and to communicate the connection of timeless truths and everyday practical realities. It is one life, yours to be lived with grace.

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): For the last four months you’ve been trying on new identities as if you were shopping for new clothes on Rodeo Drive. Problem is your budget fits JCPenney. Ouch. Change the belief that everything comes down to physical appearance and it will not matter one iota what you’re wearing. It is all about these new vibrations (yes, vibes) coming off your energetic body (heard of charkas, right?) In your mind’s eye, you see the new person you are becoming, as if your aspirations and self-image have fused. It is not easy being seen as the innovative one, hell, it is even less easy to actually be the innovative one. Then, aspire to be with other innovative folk, then it is not all on you. From where do these pioneering thoughts emanate? How do you know when it’s your unchallenged ego or the voice from your higher spirit? If folk are eager to be with and stay around you, then it is not ego. The individuality that you seek should be showing all of us how to imitate your steps to self-actualization in our own way. You know that ‘unity in diversity’ world. We all aspire in different manners. So, as long as your enthusiasm doesn’t encroach upon my enthusiastic discovery, all goes well. It is usually when you assume that we are not interested in evolving (because we may not be as quick to see the need) that you can become boorish and condescending.


Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Love the one you’re with, cease speculating about greener pastures for awhile. If you must imagine a “what if” scenario, do it physically away from your current partner. Do not discuss sensitive sexual stuff in the bedroom. It is not that you may say something you’ll later regret, it is just that your complacency of thought can leak into your speech. In other words, take someone for granted at your peril. Even to contemplate what it would be like if your mate made more money while not appreciating what you do have together can be reason for concern. Instead remember what it feels like right before you blow out your birthday candles, wake up from a sublime dream or being with your favorite combo of friends and family at Thanksgiving. Better shared feelings places you in the best emotional states and you will have more of what you want. Alone? Then access what you value about you.

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Knowing what you are worth either in the career marketplace, to your honey or family gives you the strength of will to act. When you act from your deeper reserves of consideration and reasonableness, you are irresistible. You’ve got a warrior brewing inside of you wanting to conquer some fear, person or project. Helping you this month get on with the business of living better is Venus in sweet water Cancer slowly seducing you into considering what makes life worth living. A 2 year plan covering all of your important areas of your life must be constructed says the soldier a.k.a. Mars. Your twin symbol points to the intellectual balance of male (Mars) and female (Venus). In glorious essence, you are practical without being thought cheap, realistic without the acidic cynicism that destroys instead of creates. We should all be so lucky to have your planetary guardians at this time. These delicately balanced energies shift toward month’s end, so use your karmic assets wisely. Building goodwill now will (pun intended) protect you later, a kinda ‘paying it forward.’

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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