Our beloved Patrick Mahomes has entered his name into the NFT market

Andrey Metelev Yscrm1aoeki Unsplash

NFTs wear red too. // Photo by Andrey Metelev

Patrick Mahomes has announced he will be joining NFL All Day, the officially licensed NFL digital collectible marketplace.

NFT speculators and fans alike will now be able to buy, own, and trade video highlights and other digital Mahomes memorabilia.

Although NFL All Day is currently in beta testing, future NFTs (non-fungible tokens) could include anything from Mahomes’ crazy 13-second drive against the Buffalo Bills, to a short clip of an off-balanced side-arm pass, to gameday highlight reels.

One NFT of a Mahomes rushing highlight from the divisional round playoffs last season costs $58 and is labeled as a common rarity, meaning the site will be selling 460 of these pieces. On the other end of the spectrum, a legendary and rare NFT highlights the QB’s performance in last season’s super wild card weekend. It costs $13,999—only 15 are available.

Mahomes had previously ventured into NFTs with his “Museum of Mahomes” auction in which the Chiefs captain auctioned off six pieces of digital art on March 17, 2021.

The Kansas City Chiefs also experimented with NFTs over the past season by giving away virtual commemorative tickets to fans who attended the Sunday night game against the Denver Broncos.

Last year, Mahomes spoke on his belief in the future of NFTs in an interview with The Exchange on CNBC.

“As I’ve started to see more and more things come out with the NFTs and seeing how they, the digital way, the way the world’s going to collect memorabilia and have another asset, it was kind of a no-brainer for me to get involved as quickly as possible,” Mahomes said during the interview.

NFTs in sports are not new. However, the tokens previously created new ways for artists, collectors, and speculators to trade their wares. Although it was a great way for collectors to support their favorite artists, the processes involved in creating the digital collectibles have been proven to exploit the environment.

As NFTs are rising in popularity, they are often clouded in confusion. It’s important to research what you are actually getting into by purchasing these tokens, but also know how they are affecting the climate.

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