Ottavia Bourdain is in KC Friday to see Cris Cyborg fight

  • Ottavia Bourdain’s Twitter
  • Ottavia Bourdain with UFC boss Dana White (middle).

Ottavia Bourdain loves a good fight. And she doesn’t care whether men or women are in the cage.

Bourdain, the MMA-junkie wife of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, will be cageside Friday for Invicta Fighting Championships 5, the biggest all-women’s MMA event in history and the subject of this week’s Pitch feature story. The event is being held at the Ameristar Casino and Hotel in Kansas City.

The Pitch interviewed Bourdain, who still hopes to scratch a personal MMA fight off her bucket list, by e-mail and discussed Invicta, Cyborg and why we like to fight.

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