Online petition doesn’t want Larry Johnson to become Chiefs’ all-time leading rusher

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The Internets are out to get Larry Johnson.

First Twitter, and now an online petition/letter to Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli aimed at stopping the Chiefs running back from becoming the franchise’s all-time leading rusher.

The petition calls on Pioli to “deactivate” Johnson and gets overly sentimental talking about “role models” like “Bobby Bell, Christian Okoye, Willie Roaf, Lenny Dawson, Priest Holmes, Abner Hayes and the amazing Derrick Thomas.”

Derrick Thomas? Yes, he was NFL Man of the Year for his charitable ways, but he also had his vices (several children with different mothers). But we all do.

So far, the petition is up to 928 signatures.

Photo by Scott Spychalski.

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