Oddly Correct has stopped using paper (and plastic) to-go cups

Oddly Correct Facebook

As of today, the midtown coffee shop Oddly Correct, well-known for its pour-over coffee and its reluctance to serve you cream or sugar with that coffee, has implemented a new policy: No more paper or plastic cups. If you’re taking your coffee to-go, you gotta buy a $1 jar. The jars are reusable and recyclable, and they come with a machine-washable sleeve and lid.

It’s an environmental thing.

“Even as a small company, we feel we have to do what we can to minimize our negative impact and make our own process as sustainable as possible, especially as the coffee community continues to grow in Kansas City,” Oddly management announced on Facebook recently. “Eliminating the waste from single-use beverage containers is one step we know we can take to have an impact where we are, right now.”

The idea came from Horizon Line, a Des Moines coffee shop that implemented a similar policy earlier this year. Full explanation from Oddly here.