Nudists in Kansas City, Kansas, get their moment in the sun

  • Bill Crider
  • There’s not a lot of work-safe images when it comes to nudist camps.

Not all of Kansas is as buttoned up as the world might believe. In fact, some Kansans don’t really want to deal with buttons at all. United Press International talked to members of the Heartland Naturists – the Kansas City, Kansas, group is apparently one of four naturist organizations in the state – for a story that ran yesterday about how those who believe in the nudist lifestyle are attempting to overcome stereotypes about it.

While the idea is not surprising that embracing naturism could be a hard sell for those with hard-line relatives in the area, the fact that one could legally wander nude a decade ago on the streets of Manhattan is surprising. It explains a lot about Kansas State graduates of a certain age. If you’re considering the life, the Heartland Naturists have nude bowling scheduled for August 6.

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