Now Hiring: Sinbad’s Cafe and Hookah Lounge

Want to load bowls for a living? Stop by Sinbad’s Cafe and Hookah Lounge, where owner Sami Mac is seeking help. The bright, well-ventilated Westport business has been especially popular on recent weekends, drawing a diverse crowd of business people, skater dudes, art students, immigrants and the generally curious. The cafe serves no food — just tea, soda, juice, coffee and large, glass water pipes through which patrons smoke flavored tobacco.

Sami Mac, who occasionally plays keyboard and sings for his customers, says he needs an employee to help with just about everything, from running the register to blending the gooey, sweet-smelling, imported tobacco that tastes of vanilla or mint or guava or even bubblegum.

Applicants should inquire about the job in person.

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