Novel corona virus memes remind us that life means nothing lol

Using satire to cope with dark and difficult times is nothing new in our society, even as far back as the Great Depression satire was used in radio shows by entertainers like Will Rogers. However, the Internet has made sharing absurd and satirical thoughts and images extremely easy. Within seconds a person can create a meme on their phone and unleash it on the world.

From its onset, the Corona virus has spawned thousands of memes across the globe. Memes give us as a society a way to release some of the fear we are feeling and give people a laugh. Without further ado here are some of the best Corona memes found on the Internet.


Brb Calling Peta Dahmer Jokes Never Go Out Of Style Honestly, Fecal Matter Would Improve The Hat I Swear To God If The Corona Harms One Hair On His Head I Will Break Quarentine For Coffee Just In Time For This Cold Weather Snap Professional Bowling Is Still On! Shout Out To Patient 31 In South Korea Who Infected Thousands Of People Sorry If You Bought Three Hundred Dollar Rage Tickets Sorry Not Sorry Stop Buying Masks! The Goat Will Save Us All Two Weeks Of No Work Would Be More Fun If I Could Leave The House With Force Powers, Baby Yoda Would Be Clutch In The Apocalypse
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