Not Too Hot for Wal-Mart


What follows may sound like the IMs of a couple of steamy teenagers. But, according to this nearly too-hot-for-Penthouse court filing, it happened between former Wal-Mart execs Julie Roehm and her deputy, Sean Womack:

Roehm: “I will give you whatever time you need :)”

Womack: “You don’t have that much time…”

Roehm: “I might…I think its you who doesn’t…”

Womack: “I’d like 24-7-365 if that is do-able…”

Roehm: “You know I would…”

Roehm oversaw Wal-Mart’s selection of a new ad agency last year. It came after the retailer fired long-time ad partner Bernstein-Rein of Kansas City. Considering the allegations in the Wal-Mart lawsuit against Roehm, the B-R people may be better off without Wal-Mart. Eric Barton

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