House of Pain frontman Everlast once rhymed that he was not Phil Collins but more like Henry Rollins. Nonpoint would probably flip that equation, particularly now that the Florida foursome has garnered attention for its modern-rock update of Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” But Nonpoint is more than another faceless metal act with a novelty hit on its hands. Puerto Rican frontman Elias Soriano isn’t afraid to showcase his roots, fluidly alternating between English and Spanish behind hisband’s ferocious assault. Nonpoint has done the Ozzfest thing and toured with Linkin Park, the Deftones and Sevendust. Whether its third album, Recoil, will finally vault the band to platinum status remains to be seen, but the next 3 months — which the band will spend exclusively on the road — should offer a solid litmus test.

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