In 2003’s “Medio-core,” NOFX singer Fat Mike trashes the average rock performance, citing everything from canned audience interaction (“How y’all doin’ tonight?”/You condescending fucks) to petrified set lists (They played the songs I knew they would/Some old, some new). By contrast, NOFX concerts offer rapid-fire observational quips and spontaneous set lists. Even when working within the 30-minute Warped Tour window, as during the California quartet’s last four Kansas City visits, NOFX kept things fresh by running through requested covers, cramming together its shortest tunes to boost the song count, and abruptly deciding to reproduce a decade-old album in its entirety. NOFX also avoids redundancy on its live albums, with 2007’s 24-track They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live containing no repeats from 1995’s I Heard They Suck Live. There’s no predicting what this gig will offer, which is one reason that NOFX maintains must-see status some 25 years after its formation.

“Medio-Core” by NOFX (song only)

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