NOFX at the Beaumont

Let this fact rattle around in your brain for a moment: in just a few years, NOFX will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.

That’s not a typo. NOFX, the band that made “skate punk” a household phrase, has been making music since 1983. Twenty. Seven. Fucking. Years. If you read that and started feeling really, really old, then… well, then you’re just like me, I guess.

But having that much longevity can be a real workplace hazard for a punk band. If you think about it, the whole ethos of the genre is based on rejecting anything that’s become too established or too credible. If pretending you can still kick ass long after you’re past your prime doesn’t work well in the rest of the rock world (here’s looking at you, Aerosmith), it sure as hell won’t be kosher with a bunch of mohawked fans with bad attitudes.

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